You Have Feelings Too!

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We spend time reminding ourselves that we should trust and love ourselves. Know your worth and be confident, sexy and all. Do you know that there is nothing wrong with you when you fall short? I am so serious. It is really ok to not feel ok every once in a while if what you know does not feel true in a given moment.

You are still ok if you don’t know exactly what you are doing or to let your guard down. It happens even to the best. We have times when we feel lost or experience disappointment. You are gonna side-eye me when I say this but you do not always have to be centered and amazing. whaaaaaaaaat? I know right?!!

When I am feeling less than fabulous, yes that happens, I have to remind myself of my humanity. It is ok if I get angry or upset. There are moments when I may feel frustrated, embarrassed, or disappointment in someone when they hurt me. I am human after all! I can feel what I feel and move forward. As long as I am moving forward. That is important for me. Moving forward minus shame and/or guilt.

You should not feel ashamed of what you are feeling.

Feel All Your Feels

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You don’t need to be some perfect person who never gets down or upset. It is not a crime, so you can feel defeated too! There are times when we feel wronged, hurt, or angry. You should not be punished for struggling to let something or someone go.

We know how to get to our happy place or not take things personally. Those books we read that talked about creating our own closure and being at peace gave us some tools to get through while we are letting go. I have recently begun to just embrace my imperfections and just allow the random things in life.   Some may expect you to be perfect, but know that you are doing the best you can and sometimes we don’t always do what we know to do. And that’s ok!

We are HUMAN. And it’s ok. It does not make you a bad person.

Take Your Time

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It may take you a minute to bounce back into your good vibes space. Depending on the situation, you may struggle to put the positive spin on the experience right away. That is ok. A lot of people force themselves into optimism. Hey, we do it with our experiences as well. Be kind to yourself when it takes a little longer to move into your place of peace.

We are going to be rejected, neglected, misused, or criticized. The feelings we have about those experience are what they are. We need to allow ourselves to feel what we choose to feel and work our way through it. You know what is true for you. In that moment, it may be something a little different. You may need a moment. We have the right to feel what we feel and to take the time we need to recover. You don’t want to ignore what you feel. How will you every trust yourself?

Good days and not-so-good days are your days, regardless. You have the gift of getting to experience that day so why not embrace them all? We don’t want to ignore our feelings. I know how it feels for someone else to ignore my feelings. If I am doing it to myself, I cannot imagine how much more that will hurt.

It’s All Good

We learn so much about ourselves when we allow the feelings to just be what they are. No need to feel guilty about feeling less than perfect. You are allowed to feel whatever! Are you happy? Angry? Upset or hurt? You have the right to be who you are. Compassionate, sexy, attractive, forgiving, or whatever you are feeling right in this moment.

No feeling that we have lasts forever. And wouldn’t life be a little crazy if we always felt the same way all day, every day? Just know that your feelings are temporary. When we allow them, they won’t last as long the next time…we hope. You learn something about you in those times. You can’t learn if you act like you don’t feel or ignore your feelings. Just be careful not to make moves or decisions in your intense feelings. That could end up bad.

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed. Don’t allow anyone else to make you feel that way. We need to feel and take whatever time we need to heal.

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  1. Maritza says:

    This blog hit me right in the gut. It is helping me realize that I too hold myself to a higher level of perfection and then shame myself when I don’t succeed. Thank you for these words!!

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