You are doing better than you think

You are doing better than you think! I am so serious. Do you wonder how I would even know that? Why is it that it so much easier for others to see when you are the one on the inside? Probably because we are our worse critic and we are not always looking for the things we can celebrate. We are better at seeing what we don’t have and focusing on that. Sheeesh!

So Let’s See….

You have made some decisions for change this year and you have not completely abandoned them. If you did, get back on the horse…we don’t quit around here. Act like you didn’t quit and let’s move! Whatever your current situation, I can bet that you have grown so much in these recent times. Why are you not giving yourself credit for it?

Think about the amount of times that you have finally got up the nerve to tell them no, without excuses. Remember when you would say yes just to fit in or being like by them? And oh boy, the fact that you are standing up for yourself now! Listen! You know that you should celebrate that win. Every time. You may not have been paying close attention to this…you are not so much of a people pleaser anymore right? Unless when you say people, you mean YOU. Not saying that you are not struggling with all of these things as you grow, YET honey, you continue to grow and speak up and stand out when the situation calls for it. You know what you deserve and you are doing the work and taking baby steps toward that freedom.

I see and LOVE what you are doing?

I love that you are tired of thinking that you should just “get over” the things that have happened in your life. Breakups, betrayals, frustrations or disappointments. You used to be so desperate and in a rush to just get past what was and heal. Closure. It was so important to you.

Now you work to move forward. To remember what was and take the lessons with you as you go forward. Everything doesn’t need closure or explanation. You sat down and acknowledged your feelings. Decided how you want to feel moving forward and now you are working on being one step closer to your dream. I love you for that!

Oh don’t let me forget about how you are at work now. You don’t have unrealistic expectations. Now, you work to do your best and do what you need to do to get the raise or prepare to become the entrepreneur that you have always dreamed of while you are in this space.

Don’t think no one sees how you are when it comes to your friends now. Being more careful about who you let close to you, who you let pray for you, or know the most intimate parts of you. You don’t use the word “friend” so loosely anymore and that has stopped the confusion and made more room for people that really want to love on you thoroughly.

How are you feeling now?

That was all the old you. Not anymore and I know you can feel it. Don’t you feel much lighter? Brighter? How’s your blood pressure now huh? You are acknowledging life as it comes. Not attached to an outcome and learning what it is going to take to get your desired life. Fumbling and failing your way to success…or is that just me? You’re not running from things that used to make you cringe. Facing it all as it is. Looking at it curiosity instead of judgment. Not beating yourself up. Validating yourself and how you feel about every experience. Letting go when necessary. I wanna be you when I grow up!

No more escaping and avoiding. Putting no more pressure on yourself to be seen a certain way. Loving the skin you are in. What!! I see you working to make sense of things that have happened. You do it to heal and create your own closure. Moving forward. Looking back for what? You run toward the things that serve you well and just leave behind what doesn’t. So long! That’s right. Instead of giving time to people that don’t see you or respect you, you have turned your attention and energy towards the ones that do. They see your value. Go and be the real YOU over there.

YOu are putting the work in!

You are putting the work IN! And don’t think that it can’t be seen. Oh yes, we can see you creating the life you desire. You are not looking to FIND love, your purpose, or even closure. You are a creator and now you know it. So THAT is what you are doing, creating the very things you want and need. Yesssssssssss.

Like many of us, you are taking the time to get to know yourself and what ingredients it is going to take to get to the things that you desire for yourself in this life. You know what you need and you are figuring out how to get them. We see that you are bold enough to ask someone out if you want a date. There is no problem leaving when things have run its course and it’s time to go. No more waiting for things to come to you. You are out there going for what you want. It feels good doesn’t it? You should be proud. Acknowledge your gains.

See you are doing much better than you thought…

This is actually part of something that I wrote to my future self. I have been doing so much work and I forgot to pause and acknowledge today! I have so much to celebrate. YOU have so much to celebrate and it is ok to stop what you are doing now and do a little end zone dance because you are doing great! You are doing much better that you think. Stop and celebrate.

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