Yes, I talk to myself!

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It is true! I do, even more so since the pandemic. One thing that I have learned in all this chatter is that the way that I talk to myself is actually the way I see myself. When I really paid attention to what I was saying to myself, I saw what I was doing to my confidence.

We can either build our confidence or completely break ourselves down with how we speak to ourselves. What you say to you will drive you to do or not do a thing. It will give you peace or utter chaos in your life.

What you say to you MATTERS!

Self talk…For Real

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You can either produce positive or negative self talk…periodttttt. That negative self talk will tear you down, make you feel less than human. Why would you want to sit around and talk sh*t to yourself? Honestly when I am talking to myself in a negative tone, it feels like bullying. I wouldn’t let anyone else talk to me like that so why do I tolerate it from myself?

It is a challenge but I take it one day at time and work on having more positive self talk than negative every day. Honestly, I truly do want to love myself thoroughly. I am determined to be my number one fan!

SO what do I do to make this happen?

When I get up before my feet even touch the ground…I tell myself that the world must need me because here I am showing up again. God showed out again and the devil must be pissed! I have a gift or two and I am a force to be reckoned with….so are you!!! Why not act like it? Have to be our own “hype” man and get ourselves excited about this life. We need to own our HOTNESS!

Affirmations? Yeah, OK

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I do like the idea of affirmations and I do use them often, especially when I need to talk myself off of a ledge. In some cases, they are not enough…they are too soft and gentle. They can be too subtle and quiet. There are times I need to shout myself into submission. I need to know just how much I really mean that thang!

If you are someone who wants more in this life and you believe in yourself, you need to act like it! I see you trying to see the world, try new things, and fall in love with life…you need to move like it!

Yes, you are enough and there is nothing wrong with repeating it until the cows come home. We KNOW you are enough…and you want more! You still deserve more…even the best this life has to offer. We need to know that and hold ourselves to the facts.

Raise your Standards

When I say we hold ourselves to a higher standard, I am not talking about in comparison to someone else. We all know that comparison is a huge thief of joy so let’s not worry about what the next person has achieved (unless we are taking advice on how to be better at what we do because they have been there).

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You know what you are capable of becoming and it is time to step out! We all need to take a deep breath and show up for ourselves. Let the world know that it’s about to be on! When we hold ourselves to a high standard, we should change the way we speak to ourselves.

It may sound a little cocky, but understand that you are encouraging yourself and it may take more of a push than a little affirmation. You may be talented enough to do the job, but what about being more than talented enough. What about being more than able, more than confident, more than ready to get the job done?

This is between you and you!

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When you tell yourself that you are more than able…more talented or good enough to accomplish the job, it is not a dig at anyone else. This is about you and your inner critic. I have one of those, I am sure I am not the only one either.

This is personal!

As we grow, there is an older version of ourselves that we are leaving behind. THAT is who we are determined to be “more” than, not anyone else. I am working every day to be better than I was the day before. Seriously, why not? I am definitely smarter and more intelligent than the woman I was just a year ago. This human is much more talented than she was because I have worked on learning new things and becoming a more driven woman.

I compare myself to my old self to encourage me to keep moving forward. To keep putting distance between who I am becoming and who I used to be. I have a new standard for myself and I am going to grow past…way past…the old version of me.

More than enough

We need to hype ourselves up! No comparisons to others but to who you used to be or who you want to be. Celebrate when you look at who you used to be and who you are now. Look forward to taking a step every day toward that person you are working hard to be. Celebrate every small step forward.

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We have to talk to ourselves! Tell yourself who you are and who you are capable of being. You know…that superstar. The winner. A beautiful being. This confidence may seem like just your opinion …that is all you need to carry you through.

You may have to put some force behind it when you tell yourself who you are, but do it! Don’t be subtle about it. When you need a push…be your hype man. Don’t be gentle, not this time.

Words Matter

We have to step up and be the person to encourage ourselves. The one that pushes us to be more, do more, and not quit. What we feed ourselves, we do eat! So let’s be more aware of how we talk to ourselves and what we actually say.

I have to admit that I have many occassions even now when I catch myself be unkind to me. This has to stop and I take it minute by minute paying attention to what I am saying in my inner dialogue.

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If you would not accept someone else speaking to you in a way that sounds like bullying or anything else unkind, why would you do it to you? Why put yourself down? The things that you say to yourself…would you say that to someone you love? Then why say it to yourself?

We need to pay attention to what we say. Not just to others, also what we say to ourselves. If we can do nothing else…we can be kind….

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