Why Do We Struggle To Let Go?

Why do we struggle to let go? It really is ok to let go….

That was something that was, and has been in some cases, very hard for me to do. I am what you call a “bad quitter” (I laugh as I type that). I am not sure that this has always been a good thing for me. As a matter of fact, I KNOW it has not always worked to my benefit.

Is It Worth Fighting For?

Sure, some relationships are worth fighting for. It’s true, things can be worked out on the job, in schools and it helps to not be a quitter when you want to take off some weight. Being a “bad quitter” in those instances can really allow you some benefits in this life. But not everything is worth fighting for. Not when the cost is too high. Your sanity…peace…other relationships and such are not worth losing just to hold on to something that does not serve you nor aid in your feeling good about your journey in this life. No way! it just is not worth it.

It is ok. You can let go of people, exes, memories, and the idea of having something work out just like so. Let go of shame, guilt, and yes, regret. Not saying that it will be easy or that you won’t hurt. If it is something that is hard to stay in and makes you hurt anyway, why not let go. How does the saying go, “I can do bad all by myself”. I mean if you are hurting in it, letting it go may release the pressure and hurt. It may be slow but the release may be what you need. Not an easy practice like I said, but worth it in the long run.

Why Do We Struggle To Let Go?

I know for myself that I hold on to memories, experiences and people because at some point, they were really good for me. At some point, they may have been the best thing that ever happened to me. That was my person, my dream job, or that younger body of mine that was everything! They were mine. And they were amazing! I believed that they were everything that I deserved. Yeah, ok.

Then, something happened. Something changed. Maybe it was me. Growth within can make things on the outside look and feel different. Somehow those relationships see their end. The job is not all that we thought it was. Perhaps you disappointed yourself. Did the job have to end?

When things are that great, we sometimes believe that they simply cannot happen to us more than once. Because of that reason, we may believe that we should hold on to them. That kind of thinking right there will having us staying too long in places we aren’t welcome. We have to know that things that feel rewarding can happen to us more than once. That is why we don’t need to hold onto the emotions we once had for something or someone that did not serve us well. You are worthy of a second chance! Stop fooling yourself into thinking otherwise.

Think About How YOu Want To Feel

You are not unworthy of finding a more satisfying job, person, or that feeling that will make you feel more fulfilled. We may not find a person that will make us feel that way again, but honestly, if you think about it, the relationship didn’t work. Do you really want to feel how you felt with them? The job may have been fulfilling for a time, but somewhere along the line, you or your place of employment did not think that you were a good fit going forward. Don’t you want to feel like you are contributing greatly to your future and the future of the business your energy is going to?

We have to get rid of the thought of only having one great love or job. Of only having one chance to have great things happen in an area of our lives. They can happen twice…or three or two times! As long as you believe that you are worthy of every good thing, you will see them come your way.

You can have another great love…maybe this time, they will be the greatest and you will spend your life enjoying each other. There is a chance that you will land your dream job…again! This time you maybe be the one that creates the job of your dreams. Can you see that happening? There you are creating a legacy for your family and enjoying every minute of it. Even the hard stuff. Because you know there will be hard stuff right?

Free Your Mind

Free yourself from the thought that you only have one chance. So no more carrying around the guilt of no longer being as confident as you once were because you may have dropped the ball. No more being disappointed about a failed relationship. You lived and you learned. Take the lessons with you and leave the doubt and worry behind. You will be one step closer to having what you really want moving forward. Shame…bye bye! You let them go but how were you feeling in the relationship? Things can and will be good for you again. You have control over that, not them.

You are worthy of every good thing coming your way! Be ready. Think about them often. Let go of the fear that you blew your only chance. As long as you have another day, there is another chance. Those things that you never thought you would be able to experience them again can be yours…again! It may be a different job/career or a different person. Things may look so much different than you imagined they would. Feelings may be different than you remember. You are sane now and have more knowledge. No more settling or being fearful that you can’t do better.

So let go! Fear not! You deserve to feel everything you want to feel. It all starts with letting go…

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