Why Are We in a Rush?

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Before all of this craziness began, I was always in a hurry. Rushing here and there…scurrying like a little mouse to get everything on my to-do list done. Now that things have slowed down for me, I am wondering what all the rushing was about.

What exactly was the rush?

My schedule, like many other people has been wide open for almost 2 months, yet I find myself still rushing around at times…why? I mean, Do I have somewhere to be? An appointment? Am I late for something?  Do you?! Are you late? More than likely not!

So we can slow down!

I am thinking that anyone who is happy, successful, and/or fulfilled rarely reached theirEven a little running cuts risk of premature death, new study ...destination in the time that they had planned to achieve it. If any of us has set a timer, or a calendar to what we wanted to achieve by a certain time, many of us did not reach that goal in that time. We arrive in due time…when we are supposed to, looking a hot mess beat up, breathing heavy in a cloud of dust! But we make it!!

We all have goals and we want to get there as soon as possible. We have a vision for what we want it to look like and all. If you are anything like me though, none of those goals have hit when I thought they would or the way that I planned. Nothing was “on schedule”, but it all came out just the way it should have.

I cannot tell you how many fails I have had and circles I have run in trying to find myA Wrong Turn on the Right Path? – Christian Medical & Dental ... way…for I don’t know how many years. I have made so many wrong turns and got a few servings of humble pie…finally…I am starting to see the light of day with some of my goals! I have to say that I am grateful for the journey…and I continue to move forward and make more moves.

When I look back on the things that I say took forever, in retrospect, they happened right when they should have; right when I could handle it. Right on time!

Every journey has its own mess!

When we look at someone’s social media posts and see all of the happiness, successes, and such, we don’t think about what it took for them to get there…OR…are they really there at all! Social Media is the place where people can be whoever they wanna be. EvenDoes Your Summer Vacation Feel Too Short? How to Slow Down Time ...if all they say is true, it definitely wasn’t easy getting to where they are today, and it didn’t happen as plan with most.

So why are we in a rush?

We really don’t have to reach our goals at a specific time. That is not me trying to reason with you on why you are not successful yet or to tell you to slow down on reaching your goal at all.  I am also not saying that this is why you have not found your soulmate or been able to buy your home or new car yet. This is just true! Timeline expectations can ruin our plans altogether and make us feel bad about ourselves and where we are in life.

You are not late! You are right on time…where you should be!

FF392264-2E7F-47B7-8DF0-EEDF8EFBF9AFI talked to my oldest son about this. He was so disappointed in himself because he was still in college and working while all of his friends were married and making babies. He felt like his life had not begun while all of them were swimming in adulthood already. As he began to see, a lot of them started early and they weren’t always swimming, they were drowning! I told him that the plan for his life is different and he was right where he should be at the time. He was growing…his seed did lot of “rooting” before it sprouted. He is out there on his own, living a great life now and he remembers what I told him about rushing and comparison.

The struggle is real! Someone out there finally got the salary they desire; but not before all of the in-between experiences that help them build the confidence to ask for it. Someone out there found their soulmate; but not before they went through some hurtful relationships that help them get to know themselves and what they wanted in a partner.

The point? The “mess” that we go through is what makes us! We cannot skip it…we NEED it!

We are not running against any clock. We are not supposed to be anywhere other than where we are right now…for a reason. We should work hard… we should NOT take no for an answer. We need to be out there grinding, hustling, and pushing ourselves. All of the successful people that you see out there went through and embraced their mess and look where they are!Slow down and breathe as if your life depends on it

We should not be embarrassed by where we are. I want to be a ‘bigger” blogger with thousands of subscribers and followers but that is not where I am right now. I do know that my time is coming! My path is my path. Your path is your own. If you are in the middle of your mess and you feel a clock is ticking, take heart. You are learning in this time and you will find your stride.

We cannot skip our messy time. Any person that you know now that is “living their best life” and has it all together, had a mess and embraced it. Now they are where they should be enjoying the spoils of their work and patience.

That will be us! For now, we should do our thing at our own pace.

We have nowhere else to be right now but right here.





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  1. DrC says:

    Woow! Totally loved this post. So inspiring. A famous quote says : “What messes us most in life is the picture in our heads of how it’s supposed to be”. We mostly end up thinking we are not where we are supposed be, feel gutted, disappointed because Per the picture in our heads and that of our reality, it’s a big disappointment.

    Yet if we critically examine our lives we have made giant little strides worth celebrating but we don’t see these because they weren’t so big a change.

    I won’t call myself a big blogger, but I get the goose bumps when people I don’t know know tell me how much I’ve impacted their lives. That in itself a big win, yet I get disappointed because I don’t have 6000 views per month.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I am sharing this with my friends. (Do check out my blog: lifehackswithdrc.com). Cheers

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      Thank you for the comment!!!
      I am working on celebrating every small step forward. I have no idea where this all will take me but I know how it makes me feel and that is everything to me.

      I, like you, get goosebumps when someone I don’t know shares their feelings. So I am again humbled and grateful that you took the time to extend a hand to me.
      I thank you!!! I will definitely check our your work and I’m sure I will enjoy.

      Thank you!!

  2. Diana says:

    Always in a rush. WHY I never thought about it. Now I know with all this time on my hands it was not necessary. Thank You my days will be lighter

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      Enjoy every minute of it

  3. My friend, Dr C, shared this in our group of blogger friends and I had to check it out because I trust he knows what is good. I must say I am not disappointed one bit and I am glad I read this.

    I feel a lot different about myself right now and if I am getting the old feelings back, I will sure check this out again to keep me on track.

    Having lost a few partners because of the expectations of their parents at a certain age or the other, not minding how much work we needed to do on ourselves before taking the next big step, this post hits differently and now I understand, more than ever, that it’s the rush that makes people make huge mistakes.

    Slow and steady win the life race. Life is not a sprint.

    I am a fan now…and I must say your son is lucky to have you take unnecessary pressures off his shoulder.

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      I definitely appreciate your kind words! There is no point in learning if we are not going to share our experience. This one has been a huge lesson for me so I knew I could not have been the only one rushing through life and feeling defeated by it.
      Many of my friends, and definitely me have been in a place of comparison and I finally noticed why I felt like I was hustling backwards.
      I am happy that you were inspired and I’m humbled by it, truly.

      Yes. Slow and steady!!!! And enjoy everything along the journey ❤️

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