Who are you?

whoami1You can think of a lot of words that describe you. When asked that question, a lot of people describe their work, or the titles they hold, like mom or wife, or student. However you decide to identify yourself, let it be your belief and not what someone else says. What happens when you really sit down and think about who you are or ask someone else to honestly describe you? Maybe you are lazy, stubborn, or kind. What about driven, successful, or prideful. We may not like every word that describes us but the good thing is we can change any of them, at any time. A stubborn person will not try to change anything about themselves. They will just say that that is just who they are. If they are rude to someone….part of who they are. When they are stalking a woman/man they like and they just laugh it off…part of who they are. Anger issues…yep, part of who they are.

whoami3I know that I am not the only person that knows someone who is like that. You know, that person that ask everyone they know for advice and when they hear that they should do something differently, they agree…but nothing changes. “That’s just the way that I am.” “You just have to accept that this is how I am.” This is a cop out to me! Being irrational, rude, hardheaded, and lazy (for example) are not traits that are essential for anyone’s character. These people continue to behave the same way because they are stubborn and comfortable with not changing. They have no idea or maybe they do not care about the feelings of the others that have to deal with them. Whatever traits you identify with as far as what you do, your nicknames, your sense of humor, or what I have you, if you plan to take root in those things, you are setting ourselves up. You are not that description! All are subject to change.

You have the great opportunity to be the decision maker when it comes to who you are. whoami2Every moment of your life, you are deciding how you are identified in the world. I know a lot of people will say that they do not care what people think but this cannot be true. We actually have a need for acceptance. If you have an employer, you need for them to see you a certain way in order to keep that job. If you own your business, you need people to think positively about your business to patronize you.  If you have a crazy or dry sense of humor, or you want to be scene has a mean person who take no sh$+, you are deciding to be seen that way to those you love. If ever you do not like how you are being seen to loved ones or yourself, you can get rid of that, and adopt something new.

We need to look at ourselves often and see what trait no longer serves who we wanna be at this present time. Do you see anything that you are not proud of? Change it! Admit it, either to yourself or to someone you trust, and change it. Do not be ashamed to change things that need changing. We grew up believing certain things because or our parents or the environment that taught us to believe those things. If they do not fit with your present values, work on changing things…this is probably harder because they are so ingrained in your head…it can still be done.

whoamiWe are forever growing physically, so we should want to be forever changing emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  Aging is inevitable, growth is optional. Nothing worse than keeping company with someone who is still talking about and doing what they did 20 years ago. You need new friends……Change is good….GOOD change is good..

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