Where’s the LOVE?

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking. They see you working hard to take care of yourself and your business, claim they are your best/good friend, yet they do not support you. They know your occupation, yet they seek their needs outside of you. If you see a person trying to build and do something positive, why not support them? Especially if you are someone that they call a friend, prove yourself. What do you think of these people? Do you think they may be jealous of your success, great or small, and that is why they look the other way as you climb the ladder? I do not like to see things like that. Everyone has different gifts. Just because you are not successful in your lane right now does not mean that you should not support a friend. If you call yourself a friend, you should be first in line to support them. You should be shouting to everyone you know about what they are doing and get some more support for them, you know they would do the same for you. That is definitely something I hate to see between women. Support your girl/boy  in her/his endeavors. Yes,  she might be more beautiful to others, or he is sporting a more muscular physique… Or they have more education but you have your beauty and success and you need to be confident in what you are working with. Nothing uglier than a man/woman who does not even know someone saying, “I don’t like her or him, I don’t know why, its just a feeling.” I know what it is…the green-eyed monster!!!!! You do not know what it took for that man/woman to get that body, those clothes, hair, beauty or whatever it is. Drive in your lane, get YOU right so you can stand in the presence of other great women/men and still be feeling yourself…..


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  1. I totally agree with this. All too often I have people say to me, when I see them that they love my work, and next thing I know; I see pictures done by someone else. Or they constantly tell me that they want some pictures taken by me, but never reach out to me. I live in another state and I STILL support people that I grew up with, or call a friend. It’s what you do when that label is given. Maybe they never really fully supported you, and just liked having you around when they needed it. Some people just want to be around success thinking it will magically happen to them as well without the work. Either way, it’s a shame that people do not fully support their “friends” dreams, without wanting anything in return but for them to be happy.

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      I agree. I have close friends that don’t patronize my salon. They go to beauty schools and other people but they see I’m busy with a nice clientele and I have given them free services. Smh. It is a shame and a lesson wrapped up in the truth. 🙂

  2. dgsunshyne91 says:

    This was inspired by a friend but I have had those experiences too. It’s a general observation but like many people, it has happened to me… I’m sure it has happened to you too :-). How did you handle it when it happened to you?

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