What Really Matters

We have so many things going on at once, it has made many of us discontent with life. We have this pandemic, wrapped up in the disappointing relationships,  job woes, inflation, and other things that are adding to the frustrations of life. I am working on acknowledging all of these things, taking a deep breath, and focusing on what really matters. What really matters? Hmmmmmm, we have to sit and really think about that one.

What really matters? In the grand scheme of life, do we focus enough on that?

what Really Matters

The past couple of years has given us so much to think about that we have not thought enough about what really matters. Or maybe it is difficult to figure that out, really.

When we have to sit down in the middle of our messes in frustration and think about if any of the chaos really matters, we can sometimes feel a little lost. If we have to make a decision about what to do with a certain situation, we may end up making a bad decision because it’s quick. So we end up staying in bad relationships, staying at jobs that make and keep us miserable, or just accepting less than what we know we deserve.

If we sat down and thought about what is really important to us. Those things that we simply cannot live without, we can make better decisions. Maybe we will decide to let go of what no longer serves us in the best way. If we really thought about what really matters to us, we would react differently, better, to those less favorable experiences of life.

I Don’t Like Using The Word Should

No one can really speak to you on the things that should. or should not matter to you in life, yet, there is something that matters to you for sure, I hope….that is your peace! Life is going to give us whatever it will. The good and the bad and we are going to get lessons either way. How we react to those things….MATTERS!

We have so many things throughout a day that distract us or upset us. Those things can be discouraging and get us out of the mood to push through. Make us lose the momentum we once had to keep going. And that can happen in any area of our lives, Romantic and work relationships, friendships, the relationship we have with ourselves…health, etc. Things can slow down or  stop our progress completely!

It is hard to want to move forward when you feel like you are hitting brick walls at every turn. You are just trying to get to THAT goal over there!!! It looks like it is straight ahead but the road there is long and winding. And in our minds, the conversation can get just as discouraging. You are not doing a bad job! You are not failing or falling behind!

The Gift of Looking Back

We all have a certain amount of time here on Earth. None of us can say exactly how much. Only God knows. If we are given the gift of many years of life, we will be able to look back and see that the good in our lives outweighed the bad for sure. We are going to see that the things that frustrated us and caused worry in our lives were nothing compared to the joy and happiness we carry for a life well-lived.

Right now, we are sitting here reflecting on what is happening in our current experiences and we may be thinking that the “bad” things are winning, that is if you are keeping score. That look back is going to allow us to see that the good wins. Victory belongs to the good in our lives!

I know this sounds all woo woo and maybe a little too optimistic but this thought is what gives me peace. When I take the time to look back at my life as a whole and not just a moment, I see so much more good. I see the triumphs over the things that were supposed to kill me or at least take me out of the game for a long time. I see the love and sunshine more than I do the rain and discord. That may be because that is what I choose to focus on, I am not sure. I do know that the sunshine has dried up many rainy days in my life and that I am grateful for. And it continues to do so. That is what really matters to me. Among a few other beautiful things.

The Bigger Picture

Right now, most of us can only see right now. We are paying attention to every step we take, every business venture that failed, how insecure and unkind we are to ourselves, the job we did not get, the toxic behavior and relationships that we experienced, that fad diet….everything!

The bigger picture. Some of us are looking at this bigger picture as we come to the close of this year and begin to make promise to ourselves for the upcoming year. If we are looking at the bigger picture, we can see that we did more than survive this year and the ones before. That bigger picture is telling us a different story than we tell ourselves some days. Life has been both good and unfavorable toward us this year. And we learned a lot! That is what really matters. The lessons.

So release yourself from the guilt and/or shame of not finishing. If you’re still here, you’re not done! That means you still have time, right? You accomplished a lot of little things…remember? They add up to the big thing! No need to be anxious about the thought that bigger, shinier, or more expensive is better. Let go of the idea that there is only one way to get things done. Be kind when you see that you have fallen short on your expectation for yourself. If you are still here, you still have some time…right?

You Get To Decide

We get to decide how we see our experience in this life.  And we are the ones who choose how we feel about them..good or bad. I remember reading a quote and it has stuck to me for years now. “life is not good or bad, it just is.” I believe it was Buddha. That was so profound for me! It tells me that I am the one who decides what it is. Also I am the one who gets to decide if I will react or respond to that stimuli.

Good day or bad day. Good week or bad week. Month. Year. Life. I am the one who gets to  decide what that means. I also get to change what does not work for me, when I have options, anyway. You can change your mind and have a good day, week, month, year, life! We just have to look for the light. Darkness and light are always close to one another. Can’t have one without the other. So look for the light and change your mind.  Focus on what really matters


Love and Light

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  1. Very true words. Insightful post

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      Thank you 🙏🏽

  2. You are very welcome. I really enjoy your site and would love to collaborate with you in the near future.

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