We Did A Thing!

My oldest son, Jalen and I have the greatest conversations! We talk about everything and anything and I can honestly say that I learn just as much from him as he does from me . It is always a beautiful thing for me to hear that he was listening when I really thought that he was doing his best to ignore me when he was growing up…especially as a teenager. I mean, let’s be honest, teenagers SUCK!!

Jalen and I have always had a really close relationship. I didn’t ever want my boy to feel like he couldn’t come to me with anything at all and feel safe and protected. Creating a safe environment for my children was always on the top of my list of things to do. Still is! All of my boys are free to be themselves and share what is on their heart. Children that don’t get to be honest at home and taught about what they are feeling, learn those lessons in the streets. Their friends, strangers, any other adult…whoever…I was determined not to have my boys taught about life away from home. Not the foundations anyway.

Thinking About Podcasting

We have been thinking about our conversations and how others may want to hear what we have to say. Our conversations can get pretty deep and we don’t always agree, especially with our generational gap. We had been talking about it for years and we didn’t seem to have the time. During the pandemic, we have been spending time together and thought that maybe we could start now.

There is a lot to learn going into podcasting. We have been learning a little more each time we do it! We thought about learning things first then beginning. One thing I can say about when you want to do something and feel you have to learn it all first…don’t! Just do it! We stopped thinking about all we had to learn first and just pressed (or tapped) record.

I believe that this works with most things that we want to do in life. When we spend too much time thinking about what we need in order to do it successfully, we don’t end up doing it at all. At least, I have been guilty of that! Am I alone?

Just Do It!

So, here we are. In July, we decided to just go for it and see what happens. We still have so much more to learn but we know that as we do, we will be offering more and more value to listeners. And to ourselves! That is some of what life is about right? Adding value to our lives and sharing it with others. There is nothing wrong with choosing to be with, listen to, and experience things that add value to our lives.

This is one of the scariest things that I have done. Putting yourself out there to be judged by others takes courage. It is something that we should all do at some point in our lives.

When we do things, they are more than likely done or said out of fear or love. The decision to do a podcast with my oldest son was done out of love for him and our conversations. I tell you what though, every time I hit publish, fear takes a jog by! Nevertheless, I wanted to share our podcast with you all. Sharing our conversations with you scares me but know that it is wrapped in love. And maybe even some smiles and laughter!


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