Unmasking Humor

What’s so funny?

Humor is the quality of being amusing or funny. It is also when we comply to the wishes of someone in order to keep them content, no matter how unreasonable the wishes.

There aren’t too many things that we can find humorous in this life today. The world is fighting a few pandemics at once. We are watching our family members and beloved celebrities slip from this life. Is anyone else having their whole way of life changed…work and play?

Humor can be so helpful. On the other hand, humor can also be harmful. It is all about understanding when and where it will work to your benefit. It personally works for me when I am coping with uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. Many people find it beneficial when trying to manage stress and anxiety.

When looking at the harmful side, humor can get in the way of serious issues being taken care of, if you are not careful. Especially in the workplace and when dealing with health issues. Humor can also damage relationships if it is used inappropriately..wrong time or wrong place.

Generally, humor is good. It definitely should not be used as avoidance or in a way that will cause harm to others.

Humor as a Coping Mechanism

None of us will ever forget middle school and all of the embarrassing things that happened that kept friends and enemies laughing at us. Middle school can be cruel and the teenagers are just reaching the point of strongly wanting to belong so they will do just about anything to be one of the cool kids.

I had a lot of those moments, but I dealt with many of them by laughing at myself and using humor to my benefit. Humor certainly helped me cope with those years and the years to follow. I am still having those moments…not as dramatic, but those situations are still happening in my adult life. While humor is often looked at as a form of entertainment, it can also come handy in uncomfortable situations.

When people feel overwhelmed by an uncomfortable circumstance, anxious about life situations, or feeling stress, cracking a joke can lighten the mood and remind us of our humanity. Using humor to cope with stress is definitely considered healthy…it is my favorite way to deal with stress.

Humor on the Flip Side

Now one thing I can truly say about humor is that it should not be used to circumvent any serious problems in our lives. Admittedly, it can take the edge of for a time, but it is important that we address our serious problems head-on. We cannot use humor to avoid our problems! It will more than likely lead to bigger problems.

If we use humor poorly in our relationships, we can damage them. Your partner may try to approach you about something serious pertaining to your relationship, do not come with the jokes. This may be a vulnerable moment and the jokes may make them feel dismissed, unheard, or maybe even humiliated. That is going to cause a big problem. And that is not just when it comes romantic relationships. That includes the friendships, family, coworkers, and other “situationships” that you are not trying to ruin. It is important that you gage the timing and know when humor will be inappropriate.

Timing is Everything

Ok, to sum this up, humor can be beneficial and in these times, it is necessary when it comes to coping with stress and anxiety. It is also of some help when we are dealing with uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. We just have to be aware of our timing so it doesn’t have a negative effect on us or our relationships.

We should use humor a lot! Just not to avoid pain, discomfort, or even fear.

The right occasion and timing can make a not-so-great circumstance easier to deal with.

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