This Time Will Be Different…Won’t It?

The new year comes and millions of us make a decision to start over. Whether it is with your health, wealth, relationships etc, the new year brings a certain responsibility to take another go at getting it right. This time will be different…won’t it? There is so much power in a reset.

We all look at a reset differently. The place we desire a reset will probably not be the same either. Are you looking to have a reset in your relationships? Career? What about your spiritual life or your health? Many of us are looking for a reset when it comes to mental health. Whatever it is, we are looking for what we deserve. We may not have gotten it just right in the past…THIS time, we are over not getting it right! THIS time we are hitting the reset button, for real…right?

Progress not perfection

Sometimes when we are looking at change, we think about the progress we have made as failure. We see it as that time we failed to get things done. Messed up and now we have to clean up our mess…again! And we may have to go all the way back to the start line. Back to zero.

Hold on for a second. What if we looked at this reset differently. Reframing is something that helps me see what has or what can happen differently and aids in my moving in the new direction with a different attitude. When we are ready to move differently in an area of our lives, it helps to look at what that change or reset means.

If you have already done something and it didn’t work out, technically you are not completely starting over. You learned something from your “failure”. Now, there is an opportunity to reflect on what worked throughout the experience and what didn’t. You are armed with the wisdom to still go in the direction you desire, but with tools to get you that much closer. Every time we fail on our way to our dream, we learn. We get wiser and stronger and closer! So failure is only seen as negative if you stop going forward and/or don’t use what you’ve learned.

There are benefits in failure

Every experience, especially our failed attempts, give us more tools, raises our confidence and standards, helps set our boundaries and make us smarter. You can’t fail the same way twice if you use what you have learned from the previous “misses”. When you get what you want without failure, you don’t feel the same way you do when you have failed your way to success. It just hits different! My teenage homeschooler and I are reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey and we talked about this just yesterday. “You just appreciate your wins better when you have had the opportunity to learn along the way” said Jamari. He made his momma’s heart smile.

You’re one step closer. What an “aha” that has been for me as I move through life! Never back to square 1 or Zero, or even starting all over. You are starting a little further than before. Closer to your dream…and now, you’re armed! If you were truly starting over, it means you are abandoning all that you knew and all that you have learned from the opportunity before. Definitely, don’t go way back there! You can’t start from scratch if you bring your lessons and knowledge with you.

Reset…For Real!

Yes, you thought you would be happy in that career, relationship, etc. Now that we have had time to reflect on the opportunity and think about what we learned about it and ourselves, we can move forward knowing more of what we want and don’t want when the opportunity arises once again. Wisdom. Knowledge. No bad experience can take that away from you. Focus on what you can bring forward with you so that you win, or get a little closer to it next time.

When we sit down to think about your reset…see it as your next step.

Closer to your dream….

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