There is no Competition!

DSC_2587We need to be honest. As much as we say that we do not care what people think about how we look or what we say, it is not true. We do! Most people are always worried about how people see them and it has got to be driving them crazy. It used to drive me insane, no lie.

We all want to look good…especially in the eyes of our audience. We, especially us ladies, stress out about how we look, and how other’s see us, and what they think about who we are……If this were not true, why in the world would we need social media, blogs…oh and MIRRORS??!!

competitionI try to be aware of when I am scrutinizing myself. I want to look good for me, yes, but I cannot lie, “all the world is a stage” and I try to look good in order to feel even better. I mean do not get me wrong, I am not going to change my outfit or anything if I think that I won’t be received well, but I will tweak it sometimes so a fashion forward individual can see what I was trying to do with my look. I can’t do anything for anyone with no fashion sense. Sorry. I am just not their cup of tea because I march to the beat of my own drum and it works for me.

A lot of people experience anxiety because they worry so much about what people are thinking of them. We need to realize that those anxieties are not here to stay, they will be gone…float away. Half the time, so will those people …NO need to get attached to them and lose any sleep.

We all have good/beauty in us…somewhere. We need to tap into it more often and spendcompetition4 less time worrying about someone else’s opinion of us. The only opinion that truly matters about us is our own. There is always good/beauty in us no matter what mess we find ourselves in. No matter what other people think of you….sometimes what you think of you…know that there is always good in you.

We need to spend time alone getting to know the goodness/beauty in ourselves. Quiet time, reading, a long bath, writing, meditation, or just you and the mirror; whatever you can do in silence. The world is so noisy and it can make it hard to sit alone and center yourself. Everyone needs to get away from their “world” and be alone…with nothing. When I get alone, my intention is always to focus on what I am doing when I am alone. If I am going to read, I have my book of choice. In meditation, I am only meditating. I attempt to focus on that one thing and be in that very moment. In those quiet times, you get back to you and you do not care what others are thinking about.

competition3We need to take time out of every day to focus on ourselves. When you think about how you would like to present yourself to the world and not how others are going to receive you, you will be showing up as your unfiltered, badass, authentic self and who can compete with that?

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  1. Danny says:

    Beautifully penned.

    1. dgsunshyne91 says:

      Thank you so much!!

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