The Making of a Pearl.

I remember sharing with you that I don’t do new year resolutions. My word of the year is what is going to take me through the year. It will help me to remember my “why” and get me back on track when I fall short of what I want for myself. I know that this is not going to be an easy task. Anything worth it rarely is. It is a task that I am making non-negotiable. I tend to put myself last and this is the year that ceases to exist. It doesn’t make me a bad mother or friend. The change will benefit everyone so here we go! This chapter of my life is going to be called, “The making of a Pearl”.

How I came to that was looking at a National Geographic show. Can’t remember which one because that channel is my escape from all of the drama on TV so I find myself there quite often. Anyway, I saw how pearls are formed and looked at my life up until now. We have a similar journey! In the end, there is such much beauty to be seen, although the journey can be messy. Yup, so much in common.

The Making of a Pearl


Now, a natural pearl is formed when an irritant works its way into a certain species of clam, oyster, or mussel. The mussel, for example, then secretes a fluid that coats the irritant as a defense mechanism. Hmmmm. defense mechanisms…do you have those too? That coating is continuously deposited on the irritant until a beautiful pearl is formed. It can take up to 4 years to develop. For me…many more. That is the larger pearl and of course, that larger pearl is going to be of higher value that a normal size pearl. It takes a lot of patience to wait for a pearl inside of an oyster to develop. Patience….something that not everyone has, right?

A pearl’s worth seems to depend on the size, the type, surface, quality and color. Wild pearls are worth more than cultured pearls. I saw that and began to see how much more valuable I am because this chick was wild. I still have a wild side at almost 50 but few get to see her. You have to earn the right to see that freedom in her. Why is that? I don’t know when I packed her away. I do know that this year she has permission to show up when she damn well pleases. ( shrugs) Natural pearls are found in the sea…out in the wild.

Are YOu Natural Vs. Cultured?

The cultured pearls are created using a farming technique. In a controlled environment. That is how I know I am a wild pearl. My environment was out of control! Anything and most things happened and I was left to navigate life. To gain knowledge and wisdom from my experiences. I also had to make a choice if those experiences would make me or break me. How would I grow from there? The natural pearls are rare because after many years diving for pearls, divers have made it so. They are said to be close to extinction. You are rare. People take advantage. Sometimes until there is little left..right? They are very hard to find on the ocean’s surface because of this. Because of this rarity, they are of a higher value. The making of a pearl….

Do you see yourself as a pearl? Can you look at all of the irritants in your life, not just now but throughout, and see your value because of them? That was what I was looking at! If I saw my value in this way a long time ago, I could have avoided some heartache. Would have made some different choices.  Definitely would have loved me better and accepted nothing less. I mean, there are pearls out there that are worth up to $100 million dollars. Just one pearl! YOU are worth at least that!! More like priceless if we want to just go ahead and say it.

Do Not Be Discounted

This is the year I will not allow anyone to put a price on me. If their behavior doesn’t match my value, they will not have an opportunity to gain from me. Periodtttt! Some of us allow people to do us however they want just to be able to say we have a “friend”, “lover” or what have you. Stop it! Because in reality, do you really have them? How do they leave you feeling?

Your value in someone’s life cannot have a price tag. You are invaluable with all that you bring to the lives of others. It may be different from someone else’s yet it is just what the right person needs. You may not be able to provide what you want to right now but guess what? Look at how much more you have been able to add to someone’s life than you did 5-10 years ago. You are growing, adding value every chance you get. Don’t discount that because you are not at your ultimate space yet. Don’t allow anyone else to discount what you bring when you walk into a room. You are an experience! And you are a valuable one. One of God’s best!

You are a Valuable Pearl!

Use this year to recognize your worth. Celebrate your strengths and work on what you feel you want to strengthen. Be kind along the journey. You are one of your loved ones too! ┬áBelieve in yourself and actually like yourself. Have confidence in your worth and be comfortable with who you are now at that weight, height, and everything that makes you…you. Be confident in what you deliver and put out into the world. If you are not pleased with something happening in your life right now, know that you can change things or you can change how you look at them if they can’t be changed. The making of a pearl…

You have the opportunity to have your best year yet! You can be made into a pearl, a very valuable one. Don’t look at what you have been through as an excuse to go no further. For me, I feel I will get where I want to because of, instead of in spite of, my past experiences. It hurt and I learned. And so have you. Acknowledge the lessons then find out what you need to let go of in order to move forward. Realizing and knowing your value can be an emotional subject. when we figure it out, we can see where we need to put boundaries on ourselves and others when our value is being ignored or not appreciated.

See yourself as equal to anyone. Recognize that you and your presence makes a difference, Don’t undercharge for your services. Be clear about your boundaries. Be engaged in life and work that is exciting and fulfilling. Love and support yourself thoroughly. You are experiencing that making of a pearl. You got this though!


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