The Impact of Willingness

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Is anyone else out there feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Unmotivated or unhappy? Well you are not alone! That is for sure….

When I look at where I am and where this world is right now, I feel sad. I am constantly looking for signs that things are going to get better. Are we going in the right direction? Will we ever get on the right track? I have to be honest and say that I do believe that we will. The questions I have are when and how.

When we can’t see the sun over the horizon in our situation, we feel lost, anxious, and frustrated. That is normal. It is time for us to feel all the feels and work to stop feeling these emotions as soon as we can.

Looking For Answers

When searching for answers, we can drive ourselves insane. Most of those answers, we will not find outside of ourselves . While I have been searching, I thought to myself…what if I stopped looking for hope or Peace (both, really) and attempt to create it for myself?

Sounds easy enough right? Yeah… right!

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When I look at the current chapter of my life I am in, I am wondering how much time is there left? This journey I am on will last the span of my life. The book about my life is being written as I go. How many chapters will there be? Although I am 47 years young, is this chapter 47 or 147 out of 900…..2000? Who knows!! No one but God. My plan is to be present in them and create a life that I can actually enjoy.

Checking My Temperature

We honestly are not in a position to demand any answers right now. I do believe we do deserve some bigs ones though but that is for another post. What we do have to do is live our lives purpose. Searching for our truth, living, loving is a must right now! There are many decisions that need to be made within a day and those decisions will expand our experiences and maybe even change our perspective on life. We are all discovering who we are and what we truly deserve.

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I have been asking myself a lot of questions as far as where I am in my life and where I am going. Checking your temperature and the conditions around you help you to see direction. I do that often because things are constantly changing and I have no control over the outside world, only how I respond to it. Because of that I have made up my mind to check on myself often. Look at what I desire and where I am and find out if I am willing to change or keep things as they are.

What are you willing or not willing to do to make it work?

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

We all have the possibility of getting the things that we want in this life. The thing is we have to ask ourselves if we are willing to fight for them. Are we willing to work harder? Do we need to say yes more…or maybe “no” more? The question that I have been asking myself more is am I willing to be uncomfortable more often to see more of what I want in my life.

What are you willing to do…or unwilling to do in order to see more success, love, happiness, or even money flow in your life?

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What are you willing to do? Seriously! Also, what are you unwilling to settle for, put up with, or do in order to have what you desire? We have those answers and when we recognize that, we need to set things in motion.

I feel like once I started checking on what I was willing and not willing to do, things became more clear for me. This approach made me feel more powerful. When I wasn’t in this mode, I would be so far in my head, overthinking. In that space I am nervous, anxious, and desperate…just looking for validation, mostly from others, that says I am on the right track.

What Do You Really Want?

Ask yourself what you really want. Do you want love? What are you willing to do for it? Are you doing those things? When you know what you are willing (and not willing) to do, you create your answer.

What about success or happiness….even money? That house, car, career or that marriage? What are you willing to do to get those things? What are you unwilling to do..say…or put up with so that you can be in a situation to have what you desire?

Having those answers will bring us all peace and calm, even the motivation to get after it. We can have it all! We just have to clear our plates and ask ourselves the real question, what are you willing to do to get it?

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