The Impact of Spring Cleaning Again!

Spring Cleaning Again

As I have said in a previous blog post or 10, I am spring cleaning my life. This has been a chore and a half. Picture this. Think about the last time you moved. Do you remember all of the stuff that you had not seen since the last time you moved? Yes, all of that! I am finding things and people that I have not seen or communicating just hanging around my social media, in my phone, in my life period. If I have not seen or heard from you in a while and it’s not because I have not reached out, excuse me while I clean up this mess.

This is not to be mean. The question is, are we meant to be? Were you or that thing for a season or a lifetime? There are no wrong answers here. Just an “aha” or two. How do we know if that love interest, friend, career choice, item of clothing or piece of furniture, to name a few, supposed to be around for a lifetime. Think about it. Are they bringing out the best or the worst in you? Maybe they are doing nothing but taking up space.

That is a hard question to ask yourself. An even harder answer sometimes. You know who you are and who you want to be. Do they fit?  Will that career fit what you want your outcome to be? You know what keeps you from progressing and who doesn’t support your hustle.

HOw DO YOu Feel

Old ways won't open new doors.

I have been paying closer attention to how and what I feel when I am doing things. The same thing is looked at when I am around certain people. When I even think about certain people…how do they make me feel? If that is what I want, they are a keeper! If not, I’m donating it, them, and the thoughts. Self Love!

We can tell the difference in how we feel because we know ourselves. I know in my heart that you are on a journey to know and love yourself. That is why I say this. Ask yourself and be honest. How do you feel when you are doing the work? When you are talking to that person. When you think about doing that or being with them. Does it or do they bring out the best in you?

Can You Let Go?

Clean up your life

Can you let go of what no longer serves good to your soul. To what no longer gets you excited to the point of chills and smiles?

Let go of the ones that make you feel insecure, suspicious or desperate. Go ahead a loose the ones that make you feel jealous, self conscious, or unwanted until they need something. Let go and don’t feel bad about it. No to them is YES to you. Letting them go gives you room for new endeavors or careers and people that love you just like so.

Let them go. This situationship no longer serves you!

A Powerful Question

Time to change what we do not love in our lives

Asking yourself if someone or something is bringing out the best or the worst in you is a huge challenge. If you sit with the question and answer honestly, you will get much clarity. OMG, I have gotten so much out of it. You may find out that someone or something has to go. May even cry about it. Just remember that this is all about love and living a full and happy life. What is their contribution?

Are you ready for a change? We all know that change is hard and painful at times. Knowing what is on the other side, can help you get through. On the other side is the life you say you want to live and all of the people that love and support that. Not the career that you hate and the people that talk against your dream and pursuit of happiness.

Are they meant to be in your life?

Not everyone deserves you. You are special. Only a certain type of person can spend years loving and caring for you. The career that you truly desire is the only place your heart will be happy. Doing what you love!

Do what you love and love what you do. This is something that I am working on and I support you doing the same thing.

Spring cleaning
The face you making when you’re cleaning up!

If the career doesn’t make you happy or feel like a retirement check, find out what you really love to do and work toward transitioning. If the person doesn’t make you smile at the sound of their name or make you feel supported and protected. Well, you know.

As you can see, I am still spring cleaning. Would you join me? Let me know what you are working to let go of so I can cheer you on!

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