The Impact of Slowing Down

I get it! What we are going through right now…this uncertainty is the very last thing that any of us want right now. I mean, we all have places we want to be, things we have to or want to do, and people we want to see.

I remember when this year first started…this was going to be MY year! I came into it with so much motivation and drive. Ideas written down, plans made…I was gonna kill this year and set myself up for a great life…riiiiiiight. Then came COVID, my monkey wrench. I am sure it has been yours as well.

Ok, let’s do it together… *sigh*

Because I try to find the good in most situations, I sat myself down to search for some good in this pandemic as I watch and read about all of the horror stories. With all of the madness, the shelter-in-place orders and social distancing, I have noticed one thing for me personally and that is that I was constantly on the go before this and now I am seeing what happens to me when I slow down.

When I look at my old schedule and the way things were for me from working in the salon, homeschooling my son and running him all over for his events and extracurricular activities and trying to blog and plan to make it a full time thing at some point, not even bringing up trying to make time for friends and family and senak in some “me time”, I was running myself ragged! I was trying to keep up with everything and everyone. I always felt rushed and pressured by my routine and because I am guilty of being a people-pleasing, I would work on my to-do list that was at least two miles long and the commitments that I made to others because I have trouble telling people no (rolling my eyes).

I hardly ever take a minute to catch my breath..but now I see how important catching my breath is, along with letting my heart and soul get a breather as well.

Being forced to slow down…to be still, is showing me that the way that I was living before was not the way that my life was intended to be lived. The world is always full speed ahead but it does not mean that I have to be. I can embrace stillness. I can take my time…catch my breath.

We can slow down!

Here…where I am forced to be still, I am learning more about myself. I am learning the truth about me and finding purpose and balance. I have also been reminded of just how fast I have been going and how we all tend to rush through life. Looking at all of the numbers of people we have lost, we can see just how fragile life is. And we are rushing! Why?! We are meant to take our time…enjoy this life and be “in the moment”.

I am seeing that when I was rushing around and living in my chaos, yes I said mine because I said yes to it all, I can now see the effects on my mind and my body and just how exhausted I really was. We know that exhaustion can make us vulnerable in our bodies to dis-ease and illness…lower our immunity system, you see? We are spending everyday going in circles! So although I have my moments where I wanna break free from home life, I am enjoying the slow down and I am honestly grateful for the opportunity.

I am grateful for

  • Having a home to be “stuck” in because everyone doesn’t
  • being able to find peace in the quiet and the stillness of the day and being able to seek and find clarity
  • being able to work from home and get things done that I have been putting off because I was either lazy or too tired
  • being able to sit and have a cup of tea in my sunroom and have time for prayer and listen to the birds worship
  • being able to do self-care at home and enjoy my favorite shows while doing it
  • having the time to choose to focus on now and not always future plans
  • being able to choose to be at ease and be happy with what I have right now, in this moment.

I don’t know how this pandemic has affected your family but I am praying that somewhere in the chaos of our present situations, you can find rest, be at peace, and slow down….

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  1. Michael Nichols says:

    Very good story, I love it. Using this time we have positively to make life better for you, mentally and through prayer. I have definitely got myself more organized then I was before this outbreak.

    God bless

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