Is Thanksgiving Important to Anyone Anymore?

thanksgiving191I will never forget the Thanksgivings that I experienced as a little girl. So much fun and family! Oh, how I missed the days when my family planned meals and I got a chance to play with cousins and eat all of the great food that my family made. My family has a bunch of great cooks! We ate until we were miserable, took, naps and got up and did it all over again. Ahhhhhh Family!

The true meaning of Thanksgiving for me is family, gratitude, and thankfulness. It should be a WHOLE day focused on spending time with family and friends enjoying each other’s company, good food, and a great football game. I honestly do not like the new era where we almost forget about Thanksgiving and go right into the Christmas holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, I just like to have that day to hang out with loved ones and eat and laugh the day away.

We cannot let this day go by and not teach our children what Thanksgiving meant to us when we were their age. I tell my boys what we used to hear and do and we have made our own traditions along the way because being a military family, we were rarely with family for the holidays.thanksgiving193

  • We watch the parades, football, and television specials.
  • We take time away from tv and devices to just hang out and talk with loved ones.
  • There is rarely any drama. People should put aside their differences for at least a day and be grateful for the time spent.
  • Talk about food. Who made what…what is in it. What is your favorite food?
  • We always say what we are thankful for in our prayers before eating. It teaches gratitude and I teach my boys this beyond the holiday.
  • Contributing to food shelters/banks and other charities help to make Thanksgiving about sharing and be thankful for the abundance that you have.
  • Prepare a dish or do a craft together. When I involve my boys in cooking, they seem to eat more. Crafts are just fun and they reinforce family time.

I like to shop for the holidays but I hate that for me to do it, someone has to take time away from their families to work. This holiday truly should be enjoyed but it can bring about as much stress as it does joy. From what I understand, there are many Americans that don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving anymore. Depending on the job or career you have, Thanksgiving is just a time for you to work and make someone else rich while you sacrifice time with your family.

thanksgiving192There is really is no hype of build-up to Thanksgiving anymore. There is no Black Friday excitement because the deals are already out there for the taking. Compared to Halloween and Christmas, we just can’t see that Thanksgiving has much of a presence at all and it is so sad.

Thanksgiving no longer has a central tone to it. Yes, we get excited about the football game and the food, but they rarely focus on the family getting together to be grateful and thankful for time with each other. Do they even bother to “sell” the holiday the way they do Halloween, Christmas, and the New Year? They may try to push a few cooking supplies or recall romaine lettuce again but ummmmmmm… (shrugs).

At the end of the day, I guess there is no way to really market Thanksgiving in a way that focuses on family and thankfulness because who can make money off of that right? The lack of marketing for it makes people forget about it more and more every year.

Well regardless of the lack of marketing, I plan on getting together with loved ones and stuffing my face and taking a few naps during the game. I plan on hearing plenty of laughter and talking between us all and remembering to be thankful for the opportunity to care for one another.

Wishing you the best Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!thanksgiving194

Eat everything! Laugh…cry…nap…cheer and eat leftovers all weekend.

Be grateful. Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Friendsgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Its the most wonderful time of the year!! I just love the feeling of Fall. The leaves, the colors, the chill in the air, the warming of most hearts. People are generous, they smile more. It’s just something about this time of year, actually almost everything about it fills my heart with love. We have a traditional prayer before we eat and we say what we are thankful for. This year I wanted the boys to say something they want to see happen in the coming year that they would be grateful for. That ended up making my heart completely full!! Although my boys are older for the most part, 25, 19, and 12, they love our family life. They always say in comparison to their friends, they wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s amazing!! And they prayed for sick and lost loved ones and thanked God for moving in our family and a friend’s baby being born today. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about for me. Love overflowing and not forgetting about others that may not be feeling the way you are. I pray that everyone that reads this is captured by love and feels an overwhelming amount of gratitude for what you have as you look forward to what is to come. Gratitude and acceptance is what leads us to healing. Until we accept and feel grateful for what we have, nothing will motivate us to move forward to happiness. I want that for my boys. I try to teach them to be humble and grateful because what they do have can be taken away. I also don’t mind them being happy about what they have. We should not have to minimize being happy about what we have because someone may not have it. Just be grateful…For whatever you have. Things can be way different, in either direction, so learning to accept it all and be grateful will make everything look different. Your attitude changes and you are motivated for more of the same. I am grateful for my family and friends and I look forward to what loving them all will bring to my life………

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!!