Tea Time

tea timeI used to feel like I got cheated because I did not have a daughter when I felt like I was done having children. I wanted 3 children because for some reason my life always included that number so it feels pretty lucky for me. I wanted a GIRL!!! I mean why not? Growing up I was a little on the tomboy side but after becoming a mom, I began to embrace my diva and I felt like I should have a mini-me. I did not receive one and I am definitely not bitter about having the young royalty that I was given, but it would have been nice.

tea time2I was given the pleasure of being a godmother to a sweet little girl a few years ago. Not my mini-me but my sweet little sugar cookie nonetheless. Spending time with her is fun. Little girls are so different from boys!! Boys are easy. I just throw my boys around a little and play some sports, watch a few cartoons and play video games. With girls, you tend to not be as rough and I had to learn how to play with dolls and little kitchen sets. Of course with my sons, I look for teachable moments in it all. I don’t want them to think there is ever a time when I am not being mom…even when we are hanging like friends. I do the same with her when we spend time together.

Anywho…I finally decided to give my little goddaughter a birthday party! I wanted it to 6EA34977-59AC-4E9B-B429-9DBB4E87C888be all about her but still have a god-mommy (or Cookie, as she calls me) stamp on it so Tea Party theme is what it was! I am a planner as far as things like parties, vacations, and such goes in my life so I started the planning 5 months before her birthday. I wanted to pull out all of the stops. I did all kinds of research because I did not have a tea party as a young girl, nor had I ever been to one.  I wanted to do it for her….my sugar, so she could have an experience that I did not have as a child. (I also wanted to do it for me!!)

The planning was fun!! Looking for everything tea party! I was online looking at IMG_8682Pinterest, on Amazon and in the thrift and antique stores searching for my pots, cups, and other things to decorate the party just so.  The menu, the drinks (appropriate for young girls), tea pots, tea cups….cucumber sandwiches! I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun party planning is. This one, in particular, took me back to being a little girl and the innocence of being a princess, and remembering to be soft, feminine, and pink! Everything from the invitations to the party favors were all about being elegant and girly. Their party favors were decorated boxes that had candy, white gloves and pearls. I had parasols and hand-made flowers everywhere!

Being feminine is a gift that we should give our girls, our own and the ones we are IMG_8653attached to. We have to remember to be soft and feminine too, even though we have to stand strong at the same time. We have to remember that we have curves and emotions,  we are delicate and beautiful. We have to have and be all of these things and be confident and bold enough to demand our respect and honor all at the same time. We cannot allow ourselves to be walked on and stepped over.We have to own our flaws and dare someone to say that we are not what we say or think we are. Prove it!! Walk and talk like it, speak like a lady and smile

IMG_8683at that beautiful face when you look in the mirror as you admire the beauty you see before you. Every curve…every crazy emotion, how soft and feminine you are. Someone was made to love every inch, every emotion, all of your femininity! Your job is to love you first!! Show the world that you love you by treating you like a princess, a queen in fact! Show them how to do it! Teach them what is acceptable and what is not. Know that you deserve the best, the very best. You make your world better simply by being you and being present. I love being feminine. It was easy when I was dressing like a tomboy, but there is nothing like putting on a dress and seeing how it brushes passed all of my femininity. IMG_8679I love being a woman! It is not easy but it has been a pleasure to bring life into the world and be responsible for rearing human beings.  We have so much power, even in our softness. We can make or break us and/or them, remember that! Embrace your femininity every once in a while. I know you are running around after children all day or working in a career field that does not call for it, but you will have a day off. Don’t stay in your pajamas all day. Take a shower and get dressed, something sexy, even if you are staying home. You will feel sexy and your spouse will enjoy seeing those legs before we get to no-shave November. I am just saying…I practice that one!

IMG_8772If you have little ladies in your life, teach them to love their hair, their softness and crazy emotions.  Embrace their femininity and not to be ashamed of their curves. Self love is paramount in raising confident women that do not attached themselves to someone that may possibly abuse them, physically or otherwise. Be the example. Embrace yours…watch them follow.



Girl’s night is a MUST DO!

images (1)For some of us, it is not a problem to be alone. We like ourselves and the company we keep. This is not to say that we do not like being around others. It is just that we have taken the time to get to know who we are as an individual so we do not always need others to make us feel wanted, needed, or loved. Its a good place to be, honestly. There is a special feeling you have when you are alone and content with it. But we need our girls!! I have to admit that. I have to share my day, my “girlie” conversations, my woes and all! I mean, can you imagine a life without true friendship? I cannot and would not want that for anyone. Whether you are single, in a relationship, engaged, or married, you need a regular standing girl’s night with the women in your life. Friends add color to our lives. They lift our spirits, and are there when we have special moments and dark times. We should celebrate each other often and get together for a good time.

Why do we need a standing girl’s night? IMG_4458

  • To Escape. Did you have a long week? Is the boss giving you trouble? Fight with your lover or the children driving you mad? A night out with the girls will relieve some stress as you get caught up in laughter, banter and chatter.
  • Bonding. With all of the social media and texting that we can do to stay connected, nothing is better than face to face contact. Being able to see a person’s face as they share or receive information makes communication so much better and you bond over the good and the struggles of life. Human contact is necessary and it helps us to be able to “feel what you/others are saying”.
  • Dressing up. A lot of us do not have to get dressed up to go to work. Stay-at-home, work-at-home, independent contractors all get to “work” in their pajamas. Then there are others who are free to wear what they want in their career outside of the home, so when we talk about having  girl’s night out, we HAVE to dress “to the nines” as they say. Spending time getting all cutesy makes us feel good…sexy…feminine and it gives a tease to your love when they see you in action, and they are looking forward to your return.
  • Checking In. Now that we have grown up and have families of our own, we rarely actually talk on the phone, let alone get a chance to get together to look at another adult. It is definitely therapy to get a chance to “check in” with our friends. We want to find out how they are really doing, not what they are telling Facebook, or laughing and just giving them hug can make a world of difference for us all.
  • To Have Space. Yes, we love our partners, children, and our home, but we do need some “ME” time. There is nothing wrong with having a healthy balance of together time, alone time and social time.

Being a mother and/or wife can take a toll on us at times. Taking the time to get in touch with your girlfriends and share “war” stories and femininity can really heal your emotional wounds. This is a time where you can be free to finally say how you really think and feel about life and love. It also encourages those feelings of wild abandon and camaraderie with the ladies that you know feel just like you do. You do not have to hide, you can relax, be you, and know that you are accepted for being the weird and quirky person that you are.

Being with women that you know truly love and support you is like a breath of fresh air. When you come back from a few hours of their company, it feels like you just came back from a short getaway; it refreshes your mind, it fuels for the soul, and when mom is happy everyone is happy right?! Being with my girls reminds me of how much fun it is to be woman and an adult.

Some ideas for your next girl’s night…

  • Wine tasting party
  • “Bachelorette party” at a bar or club (even if no one is getting married)
  •  Window shop and have lunch
  • Old school sleepover (Sex in the City, facials, gossip, drinks, and do not be the first one to fall asleep!)
  • WII Dance competitionIMG_3605
  • Craft/Terrarium party (DIY night)
  • You tube makeup/hair tutorial night
  • Favorite dinner and a movie
  • Groupon something you have never done before (I found a great pole dancing class!)
  • Have a girl’s night IN theme party (these are my favorites)
  • Plan a cruise if you need a little more time