Comfort Is For The Boring

comfort1There is nothing like a comfortable bed with lots of fluffy pillows and a nice warm blanket. I know this and I want that in my life…every night! I like my bed and other places that I sit and/or rest to comfortable, but what about my life? Just how comfortable do I want to be?

If you are presently comfortable with your life, your routine, and your relationships…I think it is time to force yourself to get uncomfortable.

Something that we need to think about is the more we sit still and be “happy”, the less we actually grow. The more we stretch beyond our comfort zone, the more we grow.

You know what is not comfortable for you, personally. Talking to people who are where you want to be in life. Going to places you want to go alone. Taking a chance on starting that business or writing that book you have been dreaming about.

When you realize that you just wash, rinse, and repeat daily, you have to throw a comfort2monkey wrench in that comfort and push yourself to do something out of your comfort zone. Start questioning yourself and your motives, saying no when you used to say yes, or yes when you always said no, go out instead of making excuses to stay in (that one used to be me….frequently!).

Getting out of our comfort zone is really the only way that we will see growth in this life. The more we do, the more confident we will be and the more self-assured. We may fail at times, but we will eventually fail our way to success if we learn something from the failure and take notes.

If you think you know your path and have everything you need to get there, you are way too comfortable and you may get your feelings hurt. Our thoughts cannot be set in stone about our future. God is the only one who knows and He will not let us know anything before its time. So for us, our path will never be clear, so we should just strap up our boots and enjoy the ride… and get uncomfortable. We never know how much more fully we will enjoy our lives or how truly happy we can be until we let go and face being out of our comfort zone.

comfort4So if you are living a mundane and routine life, I urge you to throw yourself a curve ball every once in a while. There is so much out there in the world to explore and learn. And what about those things that pop in your head that you want to try? Do not leave those things undiscovered if it is in your power to do them! I am sure that is not how you want to live. To do things you have never done, meet new people, have new discoveries and explore new places…that is when you will feel like you are doing more than existing.. you are LIVING and being the person you truly want to be. How do they say it? You will be “Living your best life!”

The only way to get there is just to do it! Get out of your comfort zone and see what your life can truly be. Get uncomfortable! There is nothing wrong with doing something for the first time, even at our age. We can be awkward and embarrassed while having new experiences, it’s ok. We can embrace those moments that we find ourselves in where we do not know what to do or say, oh well.

We are the only ones responsible for our lives and how we live in the end. You choosecomfort3 your emotions at the end of the day. How do you want to live this life? What attitude toward your life experiences do you want to have? Do you want to remain stagnant and “comfy” or grow while experiencing more of what life has to offer? I am learning more and more that when I open myself up to doing new things and learning from them, I feel more alive and confident in myself…the feeling is like no other!

So just do it…get uncomfortable and live your best life



I Finally Tried It…Dia& Co

IMG_4512I have been stalking Dia & Co for a few months; watching different influencers unveil their goods and loving most of what they tried on. I had a lot of questions and doubts but I eventually got on board, just to see if I would have the same luck.

IMG_4503I went to the site and signed up. The questionaire to find out my size and preferences was easy to navigate and they assigned my a stylist. I could not wait to receive y first box! When I finally did, I felt like the wind had been let out of my sails….I was not happy. The only thing I did keep was a super cute clutch and I use it very often. I sent back the rest (postage paid) and tried to decide if I was going to give it another try.

I did! I tell you what…I am so happy that I did. I filled out the opinion info and told the reasons why I sent the piece back. I was so afraid to get another box like that, I think IMG_4511that I even said that maybe this stylist wan’t feeling me and requested another.  SO I did do another box and low and behold, this stylist got me! She listened to me and sent some HOT pieces that I started rocking right away. I have had her send me two boxes so far and I am in LOVE. I am happy that I did not give up on the whole thing. The styles were great, affordable (they do inquire about your budget), and the fit was perfect! She really understands what I want to feel when I step out of the house. I look forward to working with her some more and sharing the treasures my stylist finds for me.

Dia & Co….Yay!!!!!!