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Discipline…I have little

discipline1Whether it was my parents, teachers, or any adult for that matter, I heard “you must follow the rules”. Was anyone else told that you have to be patient? What about “do this or you will not go/get that? I was even made to believe at times that what I wanted to do as an adult probably would not happen, maybe I should have a back-up plan. Was anyone else told to stop dreaming?

I have not reached all of my dreams but I can definitely see them in the distance, which makes me work even harder to get to them. Part of getting there was turning off the voice of the naysayers and pushing harder past them. I, now, have my own salon business, building an event planning business, and I have recently added travel to the mix. My businesses are not always running extra smooth but I am working on it. I am learning extra fast that in order for me to be successful, I am going to have to get this discipline thing DOWN! Help me Lord!

discipline4I have to admit that sometimes I can really get caught up in my phone and when I realize that I am doing more phone than living my real life, I put it down and walk away. I watch what is going on around me. LIFE was happening right where I stand and I was missing it. I acknowledge that I have become distracted, then I look at my boys…at the people I see when I am shopping, at the movies, or out to eat, and we are ALL pretty distracted and missing a whole world that is still functioning and moving without us. I get on my boys about watching YouTube all of the time. The young one seriously sits there watching some child he doesn’t know playing….with toys or video games…whatever!!! I ask him, “Don’t you have that game?” Why doesn’t he just play it instead of watching some other child play? I do not get that. I mean, my confession is that I fall into the Pinterest blackhole many a night. That is just as bad!!! Sure these things give us a small amount of pleasure, and maybe a little knowledge but we are not getting any real fulfillment, not really.

Discipline is a very valuable skill set that we really need to develop. Someone else maydiscipline5 say intelligence but think about it, anything that you truly want to know can be Googled (shoulder shrugs). I am really trying to focus on my discipline and part of that process has been to shut off all of the noise in my life, focus, and get to work. Without discipline…focus…our lives just become a great big ocean wave. That wave is going to control every part of your day. We cannot let people and things distract us so much that we forget to live life. We cannot continue to let our goals sit on that back burner while we watch everyone else live their best life.

disciplineI have an APP on my phone that tells me how much time I spend on my phone. BOY, did this APP open my eyes! I was spending upwards of 8 hours (broken up throughout the day, of course) on my phone doing something. I can admit that it was mostly distractions like social media and puzzle games( I do read books on my phone as well). Think of how many moments  you waste refreshing your Facebook page to read the new posts, or checking your emails. Maybe you spend quite a bit of time checking your Instagram or Snapchat. Has anyone else done this? Or maybe you had goals to reach before Monday but you decided to binge on Netflix or that devil of a Firestick (I love my firestick lol)? My hand is raised high on all of those but I am learning and cutting down my time. I am now down to 4 hours a day and getting a massive amount of things done in my home. I want to get down to even less but I do run my businesses from my phone so that may be impossible.

We have to work on mastering the art of discipline. We have to occasionally shut out thediscipline3 noises and put ourselves first; put our goals before our entertainment. Write down something things you want to accomplish. I am a big journal writer so I support writing things down and making them plain! What do you want to do? Quit your job? Do what you Love for a living? Maybe you want to write a book, be your own boss, or change the world! Whatever it is, acknowledge it, see it in writing. Believe it! After you do all of that, do something to encourage you to move toward it. The biggest thing you could do is put your phone down and get started!

Start saying “no” to the distractions of life and get to work. Will you merely be a dreamer or do you want to live in the dream?


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New Year…Same fabulous me!

newyearsameme2Yes it is a new year and we are all looking to be greater. Lose lots of weight, read more, get financially fit, travel more, open a business, write a book, or erase all of the negativity in our lives. New year, new me is all I keep hearing. I used to say that but then I thought about it. Why do I want to be a “new” me? I love me…just want to better. I am absolutely fabulous!! Not perfect by any means and I definitely need improving but I don’t want to be a new me. I am working to build onto the old me. Working to be a little more fabulous. Not each year, but as I think of new ways throughout the year, I will continue to build.

Building on to the old me is about getting up in the morning and making the decision to live my life and follow my dreams with no apologies. Whatever it is that you want to do to make your life a little better today, do it. Whether it is making music or singing, an art masterpiece, creating a budget that works, or starting your own business…let’s go! Get to work. That work is whatever needs to be done to get closer to your dream. I know that I feel so accomplished when I can look at my day and see that I am one step closer to

Same beautiful me…Only better!

seeing what I have been dreaming about. It is a Blessing to be able to just see another day but…what are you going to do with it? Accomplish something everyday! EVERYDAY! That is what matters because that is the proof that we are moving forward.

Do something…make something! Stop just telling everyone about it. Don’t be satisfied with just having a dream.

We are all dreamers and really if you don’t have a dream, you are just existing. Just breathing and that is not cool, in my opinion anyway. Letting life just blow you where it may is scary. I mean, the wind is unpredictable and it can be cold, why would you trust it more with your life than you trust yourself(and God for that matter)? Making those dreams a reality or at least trying to see if they can be is living! We have to work our a***s off to get those dreams out of heads and it truly will be worth it. I am working pretty hard to research and get my blog out in front of others and my other business as well. It is cool to do something to work toward our goals but we also have to BE the someone who does something.

newyearsameme1Every single day, we need to do something. It is cool to have a day off of work and decide to do nothing all day every once in a while but who can really do absolutely nothing all…day. Nothing?

Don’t just write your book, be the author of that book. Don’t just start a company, be the founder. Put more that just your foot in it. Life is really all about what we do every day. You can think about what you want to do, but if you never DO, you will never feel like you have accomplished anything. Work does not always feel good, especially while you are doing it. The work is important though, it matters. We cannot only work to be somebody; we have to focus on doing the work. I want to be special. But I want to do special things, accomplish bigger things more that I want to be special. I don’t know about you.

I listen to a lot of people talk in my profession and the same conversation is happening every visit with a lot of them. Talking about what they want to do, who they want to be. If every month I see you, the conversation is no closer to the dream, what is the point in talking? I cannot take you seriously if everything is a conversation…you have to do something! Sheesh! Eventually all of the lip service you are giving people will get old and we are going to want to see some proof. That includes yourself telling others (and you) IMG_0720about what/who you want to be. Seeing the work you have done is what makes others take notice. If you want respect, you have to do what it takes to earn it. I haven’t seen any ads in the Sunday paper (I am a young couponer) with anyone giving respect away and you cannot buy it.  We have to earn it. Work on the things that matter and put you closer to what you talk about doing/being. Everyday you put a little more effort to do the things that matter, you will earn the respect that you feel you deserve.

Set real goals for yourself, short term and long term. Do what you love instead of worrying about who you are trying to be and what people are going to think about it. DO SOMETHING! I am determined to get out there and make many things happen. I am going to do things that I enjoy and things that get me closer to my dream and every once in a while this will be the same thing. I believe that if I am focused on doing something more than being something, I will see more of what I dream actually happen. That is the path that I am choosing for my 2018. What are you up to?

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Early Bird Does Catch The Worm

EarlybirdOne of my clients gets up every morning at 4:30 to take a walk or go to a class at the gym. I don’t even think that my body will know what to do at that time. I know that I would get a lot more done if I got up early. The few people that really know me, know how much I already do in a day….I do not need more time. I know that I would fill it up!!! Lately I have been thinking about being over 40 and attempting to get somewhere near optimal health. Yes, eating right and exercise are important, but I learned while going to a nutritionist that sleep plays a huge part in being healthy. I was a night owl so this is going to be a challenge. Staying up late has always been a part pf me winding down because after you put your children to bed, it is finally quiet. It works for me to be up when no one else is so that I can get thing done when no one will be in the way. I do want to try to see if there are any improvements that can be made that will benefit my health. I am going to do the switch for 30 days to see if it will be beneficial for me and my family. I looked up some benefits of being an early bird. Food for thought…


  • It is QUIET! There are no children running around or making noises. The peace and quiet I wait for at night can be accomplished in the morning. Getting time to myself is important. Time that I can use to read, have my tea, think and write (night time antics include win instead of tea, of course).
  • Enjoying the Sunrise. When we get up later, we miss the amazing sunrise. Nature gives us calming feelings. There is something mesmerizing about watching the darkness turn to light and your electric bill is not affected. Looking at all  of the beautiful colors that occur as the sun lets us know the day is beginning. I love the sky so that one alone is motivation to get up.
  • You can get an amazing start. If you get up earlier than you need to be you can have time to get things done without stressing. I normally get up later and I have to scoot my young people along so that we will not be late. I have a son that is not a morning person at all so he walks around grumpy and upset when we do this. I think I am doing him a favor by letting him sleep but it really does not help. Getting up earlier will help me get what I need done without having to rush.
  • Have time to get your thoughts together. Because I have started doing some meditating, it would help if I got up earlier to first of all give thanks for the day. We have to feel Blessed for the opportunity because we all know someone that went to sleep and did not wake. So time to be thankful for just waking is important to me and for me. I can get my thoughts together and call on some positive energy to take with me for the day. I want to be a fountain not a drain to those who encounter me so this will be an even bigger help.
  • Breakfast! The most important meal of the day. I know that but I m not going to lie….I do not DO that. I know that I will enjoy sipping on my tea with a devotional or good book early to help to begin my day right.
  • Exercise…. I have to admit that even though I wake up late, I do get a walk in in the morning and it helps to bring energy to the rest of my day.
  • My commute is better. I know that my drive to work will be a million times better if I am not trying to catch all of the green lights so I can make it to work before my client gets there. I know, shame on me. I’m growing!
  • Time to think. I have so many things that I want to do and have to do. I have goals! I have a planner and I am always in it. If I get up earlier I can have time to preview my day so that I can be effective without being stressed. I can plan our family appointments and  get that out of the way early and make sure that we can get there early. I always tell my oldest son that if he is getting to work at his scheduled time, he is late! Everyone needs time to breathe in between the events in our lives.

Now to the hard part, figuring out how I can get this done without crying every morningearlybird1 when the alarm goes off. So here is my game plan….

The first thing that I have to do is move my alarm. I will hit that button so quick your head will spin. It has to go on the other side of the room. When I walk over to turn the alarm off, I am going to work on NOT going near my bed. You know what happens when you get close to your bed and  you are still tired…..yup!

I know that i am also going to have to attempt to go to bed a little earlier. If I stay up late, I will not be able to function when that alarm goes off. I am going to need to come up with a routine that helps me fall asleep without surfing the tv. Reading in bed might help or a good foot massage…any takers? lol

I am thinking that I am going to make the change small so that I can actual feel a little success every day…or week. We will see. Cutting back will help me reach my goal. It will not be 4:30 that is for sure but I will give myself at least another hour or two in the morning.

I know that I will definitely feel better in the mornings. Enjoying that extra quiet time alone will help me to gather my thoughts and be more productive throughout the day. Getting this jump start will be great because I also homeschool my youngest jedi and he will appreciate a fresh mommy teaching instead of the slow-moving-you-can-have-cereal-for-breakfast mom/teacher. He loves when I rarely wake up to do a hot breakfast with everything he can imagine. If I do that more often, I can be awarded the title of

earlybird3MOM of the Millennium!! What mom doesn’t want that?I just have to make sure that I stay away from my phone once I wake up because I may end up wasting time seeing what happened on social media while I was sleeping. The whole point of this is to get more done and have less stress doing it. There are so many great rewards to getting up early and I want to enjoy them and see what it is like to not have to move 100 mile an hour to do everything because I didn’t get up early, then procrastinated throughout the morning.


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Celebrating Entrepreneurs: Kayla Lee

I met Kayla a few years ago when she came into the salon to get her hair done. She is a beautiful young lady with a whole lot of drive. She has a lot of ideas for making money as a college student and she goes for it every time. I watch her move on what she talks about and it keeps me going when I feel like being lazy. I wanted to feature her on my blog because she can be an inspiration to all of the young people that are bold enough to go for what they desire. She has a part time job and she is a full-time student. Kayla also has a YouTube channel and has decided to open an internet store selling not just eyewear, but other accessories. All of her links and contact information are at the end of this post. So I want to share my little friend and entrepreneur with you…. Ms. Kayla Lee


IMG_85261. My name is Kayla Lee & I’m 23 years old. Currently, I am a senior at the illustrious Fayetteville state university, with a major in biology. I recently started a business called YummyEyewear. I always wanted to start a business, I realized that I was great with sales & customer services from previous jobs so I decided to brainstorm. I remember walking  into a hair store & I began trying on eyewear. I realized that my style is very versatile so I decided to start a business that involves fashion.

2. One of my biggest accomplishments at the moment is getting a 3.0 gpa in college as a biology major. College is a place where you can either fail or succeed, it’s all about your approach. Starting a new business, I would like this to be my newest accomplishment. I can my business expanding in the future.

3. I am most proud of the way I go after things. Once I get an ideas I have to try it out. I’m very passionate about everything that I do or contribute to. As a Leo(I’m into zodiac/astrology)we are natural born leaders and we are very ambitious,even if I don’t succeed at something I can at least say I tried & didn’t give up.

IMG_85184. Success can be defined in many ways. I believe success can happen to anybody, as long as you apply yourself it can happen. Nobody has a blue print on how to be successful, it’s just all about taking chances. If you see an opportunity that you believe will be successful, go after it. Don’t let fear get in the way of success.

5. I believe that anything is possible. It’s all about the amount of effort and work you put in. I started a YouTube channel 3 years ago. When starting off I didn’t have all the fancy tools to edit & record but I never let that stop me. I believe if you work with what you got it could blossom into so much more. I take the quote ” I got a dollar and a dream” serious. Don’t let anything stop you from believing in your dream.

6. My why would be, “why wait”? Waiting on money? Start of with affordable products & build up from there. Waiting on conformation? Ask some of your closes friend & family if you need reinsurance. Waiting for the right time? It’s always the right time when it comes to living out your dream. No more waiting, just go for it. Start off small & watch your dreams unfold right in front of you.✨

7. My summer beauty tip would be to stay moisturize & hydrated. The summer heat can be crucial sometimes so lather up with your favorite sun protectant & grab a ice cold bottle of water & take on the day.😊IMG_8527

Contact info:
✨YouTube: Glamkay1
✨Facebook:Glam Kay
✨Personal Instagram:Nikelle.l
✨ Business Instagram:yummy_eyewear
✨Business email: