Trying something new! Crystals

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So I told myself that I would be trying a lot of new things this year. I want to conquer my fears and answer some questions this year. I want to learn as many things as I can learn and stop saying the words “I’m sorry” because it’s not true (I will go into that one on another day).

Crystals have been used throughout history as a source of healing power. The ancient cultures have used crystals and precious stones for clearing and transforming energies, spirit, and physical, along with the alignment of the body. The Mayans, the Egyptians, and the Sumerians were some of the ancient cultures that used crystals as adornments for the body and buildings.

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It seems like the information about the healing properties of these crystals and stones have been forgotten by many but there has been a recent surge of interest in them again.  I am always down for a little more ancient education so this is one of the new things that I am going to try.

How do they work? Ok, so the entire universe is made up of energy. Even solid objects, like this chair I am sitting in, and the hair on our heads, at the most basic levels, are vibrations of energy. That means that crystals are made up of the same kind of energy.

Crystals are in a lot of things like our quartz watches, the components in our computers and smartphones, even in our medications! The crystals and stones are used to heal everything from migraines to anxiety and more. I read in my research that healing crystals can accelerate your medication practices, align your chakras ( we will be visiting this one soon as well) to name a few things. There is no limit to the healing you can get with the right crystal or stone and the right application.

There are 3 ways that crystals and stones can transform your energy and resolve your

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  • Clearing. This happens when the crystal absorbs and removes certain types of energies from your body.
  • Energizing. They can also push energy into your body, mind, spirit through inducing resonant frequencies, the way electricity works…except crystal healing does not cause pain and is not dangerous.
  • Balancing. Sometimes our energy is out of balance, and certain crystals help to balance out areas of energetic disharmony.

There are a few ways to use healing crystals. You can wear them, meditate with them, Sleep near them, place them in your home or car, or using something called a healing grid (I don’t know about all of that).

Now I did also read that because the crystals were somewhere absorbing energy before you received them, it is good to “cleanse their energy” and align it with yours by soaking then in purified water, salt water, or holy water. And be sure to clean your crystals after each use.

Now for some samples…..

White/clear crystals are very absorbent. They are perfect for learning and cleansing any type of energy. Examples are Quartz, Moonstone, and Selenite.

Brown crystals and stones are grounding, meaning they guide, protect, and clear. Use them when you are trying to make room in your life for a new job or relationship. Some examples are Tiger’s Eye, Halite, or Petrified wood.

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Blue healing crystals are all about openness and communication. These can be used when you are looking for truth to be revealed or finding your own truth. Some examples are Sapphire, Sodalite, Angelite.

Violet is one of the most powerful colors of our color spectrum. It combines warm and cool and vibrates at a very high frequency (of course, it’s my favorite color!). Violet crystals are perfect when you need uplifting and can induce a spiritual experience or call on a higher power to guide you. Examples are Amethyst, Iolite, and Sugilite.

Pink makes us think about romance and love. It can bring about loving energy and compassion.  Pink also deflects anger, which helps to draw in romance or just cause you to feel the love.

Black is for protection. The black healing crystals deflect everything. They are strong so if you want to repel any kind of energy at all so you can use them to drive all negativepexels-photo-682952.jpeg energies away from you.

Indigo is calming and brings soothing energy your way. It will help you to cool out when you are carrying anxious, fragile energy. Some examples are Kyanite, Azurite, and Lazuli

Green is for balance. These have been used for physical healing. Too much of anything can cause illness in our bodies and green healing stones are said to redirect our energies and balance them out…hence balancing your body. Some examples are Jade, Emerald, and Malachite.

Orange is soothing and energizing. The healing stones release negative energy and clear out a room for a boost of energy. They are best used when you are feeling down. Examples are Copper, Sunstone, and Aragonite.

Yellow is great for reorganizing your energy patterns. When you are thinking about trying to instill a new habit or even breaking an unhealthy one, think of using these sunny gems. Some examples are Amber, Sulphur, or Mookaite.

Red healing crystals have a lot of energy. I guess if you think about red warning signs or stop signs. The color red invokes a surge

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of energy. SO when you need a pick me up, reach for your red gem instead of that caffeine.


I don’t know which ones I am going to try first but I definitely want to find out how well they work. If you have already tried them or are currently using them, please leave a comment on your experience and I welcome any opinions of course about the practice. I can’t wait to find out how this ancient practice can help this girl and her mind, body, and soul get lined up…….

to be continued………



Crystals…to heal? I’ll try it!

crystalsI have really adopted meditation in my morning routine and I have been reading about all of the different methods of better mental health out there because I am not one to pop pills for every little thing. I came across an article about Chakras and healing crystals and I found it interesting enough to want to give it a try.

Ancient cultures used healing crystals and stones to align, clear, and transform their energy, spirit, and physical health. Now lately, my energy has been great…it has been the people around me that draw from my energy and I am over it! I know that I have to start avoiding people or eliminating them from my life, which I have been. The Egyptians, Mayans, and Sumerians would adorn themselves with jewelry and other buildings made from crystals. They knew back then what these crystals could do but modern culture has forgotten about crystals as a healing technique until recently.

How do crystals work?

Everything in the entire universe is made up of energy. The energy in crystals, depending crystals6on the crystal, has healing properties that are even occasionally used in medications. And just like magnets attract and repel, healing stones use energy the same way. Placing a crystal over certain parts of your body will cause your energy to transform, vibrate, pulse, move, or shift in accordance with the properties and energetic signature of the crystal.

What type of healing can you expect? 

Crystals can be used to heal migraines…anxiety… many things! Crystals can also accelerate your meditation practices and/or align your chakras. With the right crystal or stone, from what I have read, there is no limit to the healing benefits.

There are 3 primary ways healing crystals can transform your energy and resolve imbalance.

  • Clearing— crystals can absorb and remove certain types of energy from your body (haha, kind of like the people I know).
  • Energizing– crystals can also push energy into your body, mind, or spirit through inducing resonate frequencies. This is similar to electricity- conducting and transferring energy into an object/person. Unlike electricity, it is not painful or dangerous.
  • Balancing–Look at our bodies. For the most part, we are pretty symmetrical. Sometimes our energy gets out of balance and using the appropriate crystal or stone can help us to be balanced and get out of energetic disharmony.

After reading and really getting ready to see if the crystals can do what I read about, I am finally ready to take this on. Research and development!! So the stones I am going to use are…

  1. crystals1Amethyst. It is said to cure hangovers and drunkenness. I don’t have these issues but I threw that in there for free (smiles). It also helps in connecting people to their spirituality. Amethyst clears the mind, brings clarity and tranquility and works with the upper chakras.
  2. Rose Quartz. This one is said to be the love crystal so of course I am crystals2jumping on this one. It helps to attract love, protect relationships and heal your heart. It also helps you to recover from pain and disappointment and balances your heart chakra.
  3. Iron Pyrite. Deters negative energy (gonna purchase a giant one crystals3of these!). It activates your intellect and memory. Strengthens your self worth and willpower and promotes positive thinking and business success. Alex, order me 100 pounds of this one please!
  4. Tiger eye. This one helps to maintain and grow wealth. It helps to crystals4create understanding and awareness. It is said to be very effective when you are feeling stressed so it would be great with meditation.
  5. Hematite. Ok, when I read that this one helps to ground and crystals5balance you, I got excited! I need that so bad with the 101 hats I wear on a daily bases. It is used to center and calm you and clear away negative feelings. It treats anxiety?! Whaaaaaa?. SO yes! we are going to try this one as well.

The way to use them is to hold them in your hand during meditation in your sacred space, carry a crystal with you in your pocket or purse, place them on your body, use them in your home as part of the decor, or during a spa treatment.

crystals7This is really just a few but I do want to see how and if they work. Many people swear by them, just as many do essential oils so I’m in. I will have to do a follow up post on what I think about crystals and the ones I chose to try. If any of you have used or are presently using the crystals are stone, feel free to share your experiences and favorites ones to use.