Strong Enough

strongenough5No more barefoot and pregnant for us!! Everyday we (women) continue to lift the glass ceiling; we are making waves in every industry across the board these days and the world is taking notice. We no longer have to depend on our men to take care of us( although we will not deny him the right to do so). We are strong and have the ability to go after what we want with or without a man by our side. There are strong and independent women taking the world by storm everyday and there does not seem to be any stopping this wave.

A man that wants to date or marry a strong woman needs to understand what he is asking for. She is like no other and can seem intimidating at first but if he gets over that, he can learn her and figure out how to win her over. She is still a woman, soft and sensual, but her strength can be even sexier. Wanna keep up with her? Here are a few things you should know about us…..yes I said us because I am indeed a strong woman!

  • Strong women want a man that is just as strong as she is. You have to be drivenstrongenough1 to accomplish things, have some dreams and the drive to work toward your goals. It is very hard for a strong woman to settle for a mediocre man, although some have slipped through the cracks. You live and you learn though right?
  • Strong women want a man who can trust her. Trust is important in any relationship, especially with a strong woman. He cannot be insecure or controlling! He has to trust her to make the right decisions and allow her the space she needs to act on her own…support her. Do not try to control what she does and says.
  • He has to have a sense of humor. Strong women tend to be a little more serious than others. She is so focused on her goals and can get stressed pushing toward them. She needs a man that will bring some laughter and light to her life. Having a sense of humor is a big bonus for a strong woman. Strong women tend to cry behind closed doors so she needs this attribute in her man.
  • Can you respect her freedom? A strong woman values her freedom. Her individuality is important to her and she needs the space to pursue her dreams and be her authentic self. Her man has to understand that about her. Respect her boundaries or she will be waving goodbye to you!
  • strongenoughA strong woman loves to be challenged. He has to be able to challenge her in all areas of her life. Men that are complacent and looking to just chill through life are a “no no” for her. She is going to push her man to be his best so she is expecting the same from her love. She wants a partner that is going to inspire her to always shoot for the stars.
  • Can you take care of yourself? A strong women is not going to be with a man that is looking for a comfortable life. It is hard for her to respect a man who is not capable of taking care of himself. Period.
  • Be her cheerleader! You have to push her toward her dreams. Remind her of her “why” when she wants to give up. DO NOT be a stumbling block or hurdle while you walk with her on her way to greatness.

The presence of a strong woman can be intimidated to a lot of men. Some just do not know how to deal with an alpha woman in a relationship. A lot of men are receptive to submissive women who will bend at their will. Times have certainly changed and we are starting to call the shots now. Only the strong and confident, open-minded man can handle the woman boss.

strongenough3If a man chooses to be with a  strong woman, he better strap in tight because the ride is  going to be a bumpy and beautiful one, but worth every bump.  If you have what it takes to be with a strong woman, she will see that and she knows how to step back and let you lead. Submission is not a problem. Submission to anyone other than a leader is not going to happen.


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