Stand In Your Superpower

We all have a superpower. Yes, even you! I really believe that we all do. Every single one of us. We all have been given gifts that are unique to us. I sometimes feel like mine can be a gift and a curse at times. What about you? Getting over that feeling will help you stand in your superpower and live a fuller life. Yes, stand in your superpower.

I will tell you that I know for sure that one gift or superpower that I have is empathy. Boy, I tell you! I know for sure that I am highly empathetic. Maybe that is why I am also now an introvert and mildly antisocial (yes, I said it). Spending time with others can be draining when they know that you are kind, a good listener and can empathize with them. The amount of times I left the company of others and just had to go lay down because of the energy draining!  Anywho…I find myself giving and giving and giving until I am completely burned out! Knowing that I may not ever hear and thank you or anything else for that matter. The thing with me is that I don’t do things for others for “thank you” but it would be nice sometimes.

What is Your Kryptonite?

When you have a superpower like kindness, you may find that people are always looking for the opportunity to take advantage of your kindness. Maybe you are a giving or forgiving person and you find yourself empty because the people you gave to or chose to forgive know your limits and they push you to them often. We think we don’t have to have boundaries with the people we love but the truth is, things are quite the opposite. We NEED them desperately because if they don’t have a heart like yours, they will cause plenty of dis-ease in your life and not feel accountable at all. You have to stand in your superpower. Show me that pose!

Balance. Everything in our lives craves balance. Whatever we decide to do or be will impact other areas in our lives. As hard as we work to be a good, kind and balanced person, we all get a chance to see the impact of that in our relationships with others that do not own the same gifts. This is “normal” and it does not mean that we should question the gifts that we are given, just who is privy to them.

Personally, in the past, I would think that I didn’t want the gifts that I was given. Mixed with this giant heart, I feel like I am a magnet for users, the ungrateful and cruel people in general at times. Definitely not all of the time because I have continued to meet really great people when operating in my superpowers. But listen, I have my moments. Honestly, I don’t wish that I didn’t have them, maybe I need to learn how to use them properly, with the people who have earned the right to receive those parts of me. I’m learning.

Operate in your Superpower unapologetically!

If you are kind, a good listener, a giver, a prayer warrior, optimistic, funny, confident, a great communicator, etc….that is your superpower!  Our superpower will have its own kryptonite….but it is your superpower. Learn how to own it.  Don’t deny it or talk yourself out of it. And don’t let anyone convince you that it is not yours. We have to tap in! Celebrate those parts of you! No one else can do things quite like you. Stand in your superpower.

Whatever we feed, grows. That means that the more we use our power, the stronger it will be. This also means that the more we feed into doubt, guilt, shame, or judgement, the more they will grow and we miss the opportunity to live out loud.

DOn’t Change for Anyone

Our superpowers may attract people that pass judgement or criticize us for being who we are. They may even take an opportunity to break our heart. Don’t let those experiences cause you to change or think that you need to be someone else in order to survive. Let’s not allow the world to shape who we are. Do not lower your standards you have for yourself or let go of the gifts that have done so much good for you and others in your life.


We may get hurt so much that we may think about becoming a more cold or closed off individual. I am guilty of probably becoming more of an introvert because the company I kept did not appreciate who I was. I was taken advantage of…. many times. So it is nothing for me to enjoy my time alone and not worry about always being surrounded by people. That is not even a negative outcome for me. It was indeed a lesson though. After all, you can be in a room full of people and still feel alone and lonely. Been there!

It’s yours for a Reason

We all have been given our individual gifts for a reason. Our purpose is different from everyone else. We have a job to do here, a journey to ride out! Whether it is to love people, help the less fortunate, build a company from the ground up or hug babies in the NICU, you are pulled toward that one thing for a reason. We cannot allow the temptation to stop in because of what someone says or if we fall short a time or two. Get back up and get in line! It’s your journey and no one will do the whole journey with you anyway.

This is going to sound woo woo and cliche but the world needs you and your superpower! The person that you are…kind…creative…funny or what have you. You are needed to make this world go around. When you operate in your gifts it will not only change the world around you, it will change the world within you! You change. Grow. Isn’t that what we want? To be better than the day before? If we decide to allow fear of judgement or just fear period to keep us from using our superpower, someone will miss out on you.  YOU will miss the opportunity to learn more about yourself. Be bold. Stand in your superpower.

We don’t need to hide from or apologize to others when it comes to who we are. For one, we are not the ones that created us. We are supposed to be who we are right now. You are right where you are supposed to be in this season. Be you! Fully and unapologetically. Go ahead and be a kind person, be lovable, empathetic, driven, intelligent, or comedic. That is the way you were created. That is your superpower.

Live your truth…

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