She Will Rock Your World.. (if you let her)

keepit1003So this is the month of love! I love love! Everyone gets excited shopping for their loved ones, looking for the perfect gift that screams I love you. People are making reservations for dinner; others are waiting for 2-3 hours for a 45 minute dinner because the restaurant wants to serve as many people as they can. I love love…I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day though. I don’t want to get drenched with love all on one day and then starve all of the other days. Sprinkle me daily… lol because that is what’s hot

All women have their own strengths and weaknesses when we talk about relationships. They are millions of us with our own unique personalities. We all bring our own fresh, sexy, and unique lives and love to the table when it comes to relationship and romance. I don’t mean to be biased but, although there are many types of women, the spiritual woman is the most intriguing, sexy, and enchanting. There are many reasons why I believe I and many other spiritual women are amazing but I will quickly share just a few.¬†keepit1002

  1. She has LOTS of Faith! A woman that is always hopeful and maintains a positive mindset can make a man feel like a superhero! She speaks with the future in mind and knows that the future is for the dreamer and that she is. That does not mean that sad/bad things do not happen in her life, its just that when they do, they do not scare or intimidate her. She cries about it but, she gets up, pulls up her big girl panties and focuses on the resolutions and not the problem. No complaining, no putting anyone down or blaming…just love and positive vibes. And you better believe that she is doing it with a smile on her face. The world will not know that it fazed her one minute.
  2. She is not afraid of the future. What is going to happen tomorrow? She is not letting that get her down or make her worry. She is not going to let whatever the world throws at her keep her down. She is the sexiest when she stands right back up and is ready to fight for her peace. The spiritual woman spends time every day getting herself ready for challenges and she believes in herself and her preparation. She knows she has the capability to overcome all of the trials and challenges that come her way…is that all you got?!!
  3. She never stops learning and growing. This lady knows that life is about not just growing physically but, emotionally, mentally, and of course, spiritually. Self-improvement is part of her make up. It is not that she is critical of herself, she is just not content with where she is…she wants more! She knows that she can be better and she is pursuing it…She is always looking for ways to be a better human. She is never going to be looked at as basic. Period!
  4. “Everything happens for a reason” is something that she truly believes. Fate….Destiny….YES!!! Spiritual women are thinkers. They are cerebral people who are constantly reflecting…on themselves, life and of course, love. She believes that there is more going on in a situation than you can see. There is a deeper meaning and she is going to find it. This is a woman that a strong man needs and wants because being smart and intellectual is a gift for him who loves deep conversation¬† and friendship beyond the surface. I am a thinker and nowhere near shallow, I believe I would drive someone insane if they ever spent a day inside of my head. Nevertheless, there is something beautiful about a woman who constantly challenges herself to think, to grow through gaining more knowledge and question what she sees to gain understanding.
  5. She keeps it 100! A real spiritual full grown woman is not going to be fake. That isKeepit100 way too much effort being invested in the wrong thing. You can rest assured that you are getting the real her…the true, genuine human that she is, no filters…(I wanted to say that in here somewhere…got it!) Anyway, this woman is not going to even feel compelled to act any way but her true self around you and you will have to decide to love her or leave her alone, that’s it. She is not the one to puff up your ego, so if you have low self-esteem, it’s going to be work to be in that relationship. The spiritual woman is going to “keep it real” and you can count on that …even if it causes some discomfort or inconvenience. Sorry!
  6. She loves life and the people in hers. She carries positive energy everywhere she goes. She just simply loves life! She understands that it is a gift. Everyone that encounters a truly spiritual woman sees how infectious her energy is and they leave her presence a little better than before encountering her. It does not matter what she goes through, she can find that silver lining, encourage herself and find a reason to be happy and hopeful for the future. A woman like this is inspiring and people, in general, love to be around positive women like this who never let negativity get her down.

keepit1001So, if you want to be a woman like that, start small, but get it together. You are going to be honest with yourself and others and give a fresh and, more than likely, positive perspective when it comes to love and life. You will be a blessing to your mate and a whole lot happier in general. When you are spiritually connected, you love people on a whole other level. Something you may not be able to explain yourself. Be that woman that is not caught up in the trivial things of the world or materialism. Work to create memories, not just have things! That is what I am working on for the year and it has been so amazing so far. The people I have been meeting, the laughter I have shared, the closeness that I am experiencing…beautiful. Be the woman that is looking to positively impact your world and the people in it. Have compassion ..even for the animals and nature. If it has life and purpose, care about it! Not saying to go crazy but appreciate what God has put you in charge of. Be Christ in the Earth and LOVE the hell out of it……

Happy Love Day!



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