Do you know what I am having trouble with right now? Letting go! Release.

I know that I have so much potential. I am a very kind person with many talents, abilities and lots and lots of compassion. With leg work, I can do anything! Let me say this…WE can do anything! I can make anything if I really want to and so can you.

How do we make things happen then? First we have to KNOW in our “knowers” that we can have it. Whatever “it” is. We don’t have to be the best at it or the most talented in that area. You don’t have to be the coolest person that ever did what you are trying to do. You just have to release some things. That’s right. You have to let go of what is holding you back from receiving what you deserve. Letting go means you are free to live out your potential and live, for real.

let go for real

Letting go of those things means practicing saying no. I know that is hard for me. When you are a  giver and can’t help but to see others happy, “no” is a challenge. It is a necessary challenge if you want to live up to your potential and have what you have dreamed of having. This is a the truest statement for me now that I have ever heard before…. saying no to them, is saying yes to me. Man listen! Every time we tell someone yes to something that we truly do not want to do, we are telling ourselves no. No, you cannot rest because you told them you would give them a ride. You are right again…you cannot save money this week because you told them that they could borrow those X amount of dollars. And you know you will not be getting it back anytime soon, if you ever do.

The more we hold ourselves back from doing what we really love and expressing ourselves through our talents and abilities, the more we dim the light to our future. We are going to take things from our past with us of course, but those things should not stop our forward motion. They should not stop us from seeking the best for ourselves and our heart’s desires. We should not hold on to them and carry them as a crutch just in case we fail to do something we wanted to. Sometimes we hold on to people and things too long, you know?

Make some room

Let’s work on making room for the good in our lives. If we put down those experiences and thoughts, we make room for what we love and what will love us back. Learn from the past and let it go. You know when it has served its purpose. After that, thank it for the lessons and set it free. The mistakes we’ve made are not a predictor of our future. We can begin again…and again…and again.

The people who broke you don’t have the power to put you back together. They probably don’t even care to. Our regrets, burdens, insecurities…none of them have the power to heal you and make you happy. Think about them and you can feel the weight. They are too heavy. Let’s put them down. They are of no use to you anymore.

We learned so much from it all. When experiences fail us, we learned about trying and what it is going to take to succeed. We learned about who we are and our self worth when they rejected us. Did you learn to have compassion for yourself and love yourself completely after that toxic relationship was over? Yeah, me too.

we carried them way too long

Those things have come and gone and they played their part in our growth. They were some our greatest teachers and now we have graduated. If you failed the test, don’t worry, you know you will have to repeat the course. You will learn and eventually be grateful for it all. But you have carried it long enough. Let’s let go of the doubt, negative self talk and thinking, the reminders of the pain and rejection. Time to look back at it! And you know what, let’s leave the guilt there with it.

You have experienced it. Felt it. Lived it. Learned from it. Be done.


Take the time to embrace the lessons and put them down. Let’s be proud of who we are because of those things and let them go. Release. We can carry the lesson and release memories. I mean, how many times do we have to forget to remember? Notice your kindness and compassion for yourself and release self doubt and pain. Sit in how valuable you are to others…to yourself and release the idea of rejection and negative self talk.

We don’t have to sit around attempting to forget all that has happened to us. Let’s just think on the things that were given to us in the trying times and not focus on what was taken from us.

Step into your potential and live unapologetically. Thug it out!

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