Oops, I did it again… another mistake

mistakes2We need to face the absolute fact that no matter how good we think we are, we are never going to be perfect! (not here on earth, anyway). We need to own that! The worst thing we can do is swallow it and cover it, making a collection of bad things that we plan on eventually dealing with one day…..sometime…..maybe.

When we were young and naive, we made mistakes all day long with no thought of mistakes1reflection. Now that we are adults, making mistakes over and over again can be exhausting and will eventually take a toll on us. Remember we have filled that box up that has the collection of mistakes and bad things when we were children so now as adults, there is barely any room for the bigger ones, if there is any room at all. As adults, these mistakes hold more weight, stick around longer, and set the pace for our overall health. Some of those mistakes can not and will not get resolved and/or disappear. There are adults who do not find it necessary to stop trying to hide them, even when they are causing big issues in their daily lives.

We all make mistakes, me probably on a daily basis…multiple times a day! I think if we just own up to them, our lives will get better. Just admit them!! To whoever…yourself, the person that was affected, God, whoever. We cannot let them just sit there holding us mistakes4hostage and telling ourselves that “you are just going to keep making it happen.” Dragging them out kicking and screaming gives your heart and mind nowhere to go but up! You can let them go as you hear yourself admit them. Holding yourself accountable, without sounding like a victim, frees you from that mistake and motivates you toward correction. I also believe that it makes you move faster  the next time to admit and eradicate future mistakes because they will happen as long as we are living.  When you can admit your mistakes, you build confidence in knowing that the mistake is not the end of your life (most of the time) and you can get up and reach your goal with a little more knowledge…like what DOESNT work! Mistakes can be something small or a failure that is large enough to change your entire life. We have families, friends, and mistakes3work families that can be largely effected by our mistakes and depending on how they view them, you can end up being labeled as a failure to them.

I never had a hard time admitting my mistakes. In fact, I am an Empath so in order to not have an argument, I usually own up to the whole situation to avoid conflict. I do not advise this, I hate that I do it and I am currently working on it. I have been doing much better and I stop myself when I notice. For some reason I always wanted others to be “good” even if it costs me my peace…yeah, I was crazy and it affected more than my mental health. I physically ached! But I am a big girl now! Growing up and making enemies because we all can’t have our way. Oh well!  The more you know right? Anyway, when we decided that we cannot hide our imperfection from anyone, I think we will be able to move through the world with so much more ease. There is nothing wrong with you! You are just YOU and you make decisions that every person will not make and the consequences belong to you. No blame can successbe made or should be, I mean, what difference does blame make if it doesn’t change the outcome? If we surround ourselves with people that genuinely love us, we will move with confidence knowing that we can make mistakes and not be judged, but be encouraged to keep trying and fail our way to success.

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