Minty Fresh


I am totally in love with this mint color craze for winter and spring. The color is so cool and crisp, yet it is not so “pastel-like” that it makes you feel like you have to be wearing your Easter Sunday best. I am a lover of shoes of all types so there are few styles that I would refused to grace my feet. As women, we need to embrace the different styles of shoes and the beautiful color that they can add to finish our wardrobe. Being a woman is fun because you can wear anything, nothing is off limits if you are bold enough to put it on (in your size, of course) and confident enough to know you will get attention and it may not be positive. Shoes bring femininity to a woman’s figure that will have men breaking their necks to look and women with low self-esteem turning up their nose, green with envy. The higher the heel, the more curve to our body and the longer and leaner we look. If you learn to walk in a shoe with a beautifully high heel, you can command all of the attention in the room and feel sexier inside than you ever can in a flat. I am a vertically challenged woman so every chance I get, I am in heels. I want to feel like an adult and at 5’0”, I need a heel to look into the eyes of the average person. I have no problem with that, gives me a reason to go and shop for a great shoe! Every time I leave my home, I know that everyone in my world can see me so I try to put together my own style and walk as if my world is my runway. I am confident in my appearance because I take the time to care for my skin, shaving, exfoliating, and “beating my face” so that I feel beautiful on the outside; I also take the time to eat right (still working on being consistent with that one), exercise at least 4 times a week, and stay active so that my insides match my outsides. I am by no means a skinny woman, the world considers me plus-sized, but I am beautiful and poised. I can be in the hood or the boardroom and handle myself as a confident woman. Anyway, right now I have my eyes set on some beautiful mint shoes and I can’t wait to brush up on my pedicure for spring and rock those babies. To all the women who love shoes do not be afraid to rock some color…and you do not have to match. Matching is so yesterday!!!!!! Be daring, different.


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