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Here is something that I have been learning about life while sitting at home more. We can actually start with little to nothing and end up with a lot! I have also seen that someone can have everything, lose it all, and rebuild….

When I think about all that I have been through and where I am headed, I have proven that it can happen. Now think about where you have come from. You have proven that you have this ability!

Let’s look at where you started…

You started without a job, home, or car. You didn’t always start out putting yourself first, or standing up for yourself. That vision that you have for your life? The vision was not always there.

Now, we may not have all that we have dreamed of but we can definitely see that we are on our way. We are not where we were, starting with little or nothing.

Why Won't My Kids Listen?

How many times have you talk yourself out of doing the big things? I know far too often I have talked myself out of being bold enough to go for what I dream of doing. I always thought that I needed a running start and if I didn’t have it, I had the perfect excuse not to go for it.

We do not need to start with anything. We can build from little or nothing!

Just like the many people who have come before us, we can build from little. I think about what I wanted to see for myself this year when the year started, I started from zero in a few areas and I am working my way up. Definitely learning and enjoying the journey.

Where am I right now?

  1. I have gone from having what I felt was no voice, to having my voice being heard.
  2. Hating my body to loving it (still working through this daily).
  3. From liking my job to loving it.
  4. This girl is one of the most self conscious people in the world, but I am coming to love everything about myself.
  5. I am also a huge introvert that is working on stepping into the world a little more every day.

You Can Build or Rebuild

You don’t need to have an amazing body (according to world standards) or a wild sense of humor. Not everyone is born with a trust fund, an incredible talent or super athletic ability. It is going to take a lot of work for us to get where we are trying to be. We have to know that it is possible and it will start with our mindset and it is our mindset that will keep us going.

You can start from zero…from less that zero. You can rebuild…know that!

2020 has had its way with us! It has tested us in every way possible. We have experienced big failures, heartbreaking losses and rejections, massive amounts of confusion…feelings of loss and feeling lost. These are all things that can set us back to nothing; zero. Zero in our relationships, our confidence and drive. Many of us are starting at zero with our finances, strength and or vision as well. It has been a tough year.

How can we start from where we are and build or rebuild? Mindset!

A little story about me

When I decided to homeschool my youngest son, I had no idea how I was going to do it. How would I ensure that I would not fail at it and put my son in a bad position. I took 3 months to read a few books, look at some Ted Talks on educating boys, and talked to people who were already doing it. I mean, his education was in my hands! When I really thought about it, I realized that I am my son’s first teacher!! I was always keeping up with my boys’ education because they were military children and we never knew where we were going next. You never know the strength of the educational system in the next place either. Summers were spent getting them ready for the next grade.

I will say that there is so much beauty and intimacy in being with my son and teaching him. This mommy pouts when I think about the day that homeschooling will end.

Change Your Mindset

We can sit around thinking that other people just have it and we don’t. But we can also get up off of the couch and get excited about the possiblities because we are not afraid to start from little.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Results

Starting with little is not the end and we can’t decide that we should not even bother to try. We have to get excited about having another chance to get it right. That is a hard place to be but changing our mindset will help us see opportunity and growth in that space. I have been there plenty of times and when I started to see it differently, things happened that I never thought would happen.

Because we have a choice, why not believe that we are capable? Why not search yourself for the energy and hunger to succeed? What if you can actually start with little or nothing and end up with everything? That is an exciting thought for me.

I am ready…are you?

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