This weekend, my boys were so loving and gave me more attention than they have in a long time. It made me think of how much God loves me, even when everyone else forgets all about me.  The way our children love us seems to be the closet thing to what we get from God. They are yelled at, and given unfavorable attention from parents all of the time, yet they LOVE. Of course, a lot of parents are on a mission to teach their children and raise them to grow up and be productive members of society; some of us even want them to have the ability to add to the Kingdom of Heaven so we raise them in a Bible-based home.  My “kings” are being raised to know that I have their best interest at heart and I will do all that God gives me the ability to do to give them the best life possible. When I love on my children, I am loving God because they are one of the ministries that God has given me. Without knowing, they are doing the same for me. I will never sacrifice their safety or needs to meet my own or anyone elses’. I truly love them so I will take risks to see them grow and be happy. That is what God does for me. Even though He knows that I am going mess up each and every day, He risks Blessing me again showing me that He loves me even when… I will never have a friend or family member that will not be angry with me for something because I cannot please everyone. Some of them may even stop speaking to me for not complying and being the person that they need me to be (and that is true to this day). I KNOW that my boys will get upset and disappointed with me too but they will love me…they will choose to overlook the moment to continue their ministry…loving their mommy. That is how they are being raised. That is just what I need from them. That is what everyone needs…truly unconditionally loving people in their lives that they can risk loving back. The best thing that happened to me this weekend was waking up and laying in my bed was my 14 year old son at my feet… Image

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