Living Out Loud; Without Apology

OK, maybe I need to explain myself. For the rest of this year, 2020, I am not going to be self conscious, not going to be concerned about what people think of me, not going to try too hard, not going to care if people think I am showing off or begging for attention. I am just going to DO MY THING!

I know this sounds crazy to say, but I am going to encourage you to live out loud too. I have to admit that I hide a lot about my life because I do not want to be bothered with those that have anything to say about it. Just like me, you wanna jump in and do what you wanna do too…just the way you wanna do it, and you get scared of what people will think…” you are too obsessed with yourself, too loud, too boastful, too excited…too thirsty!” Why do we live our lives for the approval of others?

I wanna be the woman that realizes that life rewards those who own their sh*t. All of it! I’m gonna serve every bit of who I am to this world without apology…this body, how I look, this personality, where I am headed and who I love…without apology and without overthinking.

SO…Let’s just call on our inner bad ass and do what we do…

Let’s just do our thing and not care what people think. Let’s wear what we want and not care about judgment, sign up for something new, post more selfies and not care if someone thinks we are full of ourselves, tell the world what we are good at and not care if they don’t have a clue what that is, ask to be upgraded to first-class and not think twice about someone calling you bougie.

Be a bad ass!! Be fine with whatever they think about you!

I am going to be a person that isn’t worried about drawing attention to myself. I am going to live and love passionately. I am going to try as many new things as possible and soak everything up. I am definitely not going to worry about looking silly to anyone. I may be awkward, or embarrass myself, or look weird to someone else…but who cares? Why do I care? People are going to laugh, judge, and gossip about everyone…make it something good!

I did so much overthinking about things that I missed out on so much. Half the time I am worried about what others are thinking, they aren’t paying me any attention at all. Honestly, I think no one else truly cares and even if they do…why do I?

While we are getting up off of the couch and doing all of the things that we want to do, we are making a great effort to live life out loud while the ones who don’t are sitting around on their “what ifs” and judging other people for doing what they are afraid to do.

Let’s not be THAT person!

Let’s be the person that makes the choice to do it…not overthink it. Be the person that has some fire in their eyes and a willingness to live with passion. Having this mindset will take you so many places and it will teach you so much more about yourself and the world around you. The next time you find yourself thinking about what you should do, wear, say, etc because of overthinking, just do it. See what happens when you do it, say it, or post it…Be in the moment and forget about what people will say. I believe that only good, and rewarding things will come out of it…

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