Life is Just Different…Live Anyway

This season has brought a lot of lows. We have had to sit with a lot of bad things…some really frustrating things. There have been a lot of hurtful things and people that have come to the forefront. Life is just different. Very different.

I have to say that in all of the things we see as bad and the inconvenience of our new lifestyle, I have seen good. The encounters with generous and kind people. I have seen families mend and many new beginnings. If you think about it, some of those bad things have lead to good things. I used these couple of years to think about the things that have been happening and I am using them to strengthen my resolve. I won’t allow what I see to convince me that it is a reflection of my worth. You shouldn’t either!

Whatever or whoever we spend our time with is important to us. If it doesn’t turn out like we planned it, it is not on us. Don’t take it so personal. Just know that it is all for a reason. We are all different. Life is just different!

your value is not found in them

When things don’t work out, it has nothing to do with your worth or value. It has nothing to do with your abilities either. Just means that you may need to change direction. And that is ok! Time to change jobs, the way you do things, or the people that you are investing in.

Sometimes it takes a little while and a couple of trials to find our way in life. We can have a plan and the world throws what it may at us and we must work our way through the mire to what we desire…oh, that rhymes! Anywho, it may take some struggle and lessons to get to our dreams, our soulmate, our career, and such. We will get there as long as we don’t quit.

Life is full of blessings and lessons. Our journey will take us through hills and valleys. We are no less worthy of the best as we go through valleys. and no matter how deep the valley, you are still priceless. You are still worth the fight!

Life Understood

We all deserve to be understood and heard. It is important to us all that we feel chosen and supported. When we don’t feel that way, we are reminded of what it feels like to be treated less than valuable. We know what we deserve and when we receive less than that, it’s unfulfilling, frustrating, and disappointing. Every time we experience something that feels negative to us, we are reminded that we have standards or we begin to form them. We should work on accepting nothing less than the standard. We deserve the best.

Some of us  accept whatever is given to us in this life. We believe that it is what we deserve and it is good enough. Such is life! I know for sure that I am not that girl. You know what, I do not even believe that you are that person. I am almost positive that you are not! We know what feels good and what doesn’t. The things that are not good for us…we know all about them. Your super power is knowing what is good for you and taking care of your heart.

take care of yourself

With all that you are going through and where you are headed, your strength has made it all worthwhile. You have added much beauty to your world. The things that didn’t work out for your good have left and made room for more good.

Be honest with yourself. You’re past experiences gave you the opportunity to set higher standards. It is hard to be grateful for those experiences, but we should.

We can choose to tell our stories as if the world rejected us, we were lost, or got screwed over. The story can also be told another way. You can tell a story of a beautiful human being that learned through their struggles and has higher standards because of them. A story of one who became stronger in spite of and because of their experiences.

tell your story

We are going to meet the “wrong” people or have “bad” experiences. You can settle for good enough but you won’t. You have set standards so you will not settle. Those standards will only get higher. You are not going back!

So, remember all of the frustrating, hurtful, and bad things and people that have showed up in your life. Those things…those people have helped us to set the standards we now have in or lives. They have aided in putting us on the path toward our successes.

We have some things coming our way that are going to give us so much fulfillment. So much joy. We should tell the world all about it. Your story is important to you, yes, and others need to hear it. Share your triumphs with the world…

Ready, set, GO!


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