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Talking about raising the temperature in a room!

This has been a crazy year and add to it, it is an election year. I, like many of you, am looking forward to the end of it. I am so ready to feel normal and be normal…whatever that new normal is going to be. We all know that life will be different from here on out regardless. I am just going to trust what the Universe has in store and make sure that my attitude is one of gratitude. There are too many people that have not made it this far. We have! Whether it is in your finances, personal life, or getting back to being able to see and touch your family, we are ready!

Spending time with the people I love without restriction is definitely something I am looking forward to. I miss being able to hold them and hand out kisses…that is a big part of who I am. Who I am is who I miss right now because we are still in a battle for our health. Mental health is so important and with all that is going on, there are many who are out there suffering in silence. Not everyone feels safe telling others that they are not okay. What does that say about them? More importantly, what does that say about us…their loved ones? Do they not feel safe enough to begin to heal in our presence?

How are you…Really?

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I have to be honest and say that for the most part, I am ok. I am a SUPER introvert, so not being around a lot of people is not that big of a deal for me. Now, that being said, being around MY people when I want to without restrictions is a must! I need them! They are a huge part of my survival and the love they have for me is necessary. So there, I said it…I am not okay.

We take the time out for one month, May, to talk about mental health awareness. We should know that this is a year-round issue that should be a constant focus, especially in 2020. Given the kind of year we have all witnessed and the effects of anxiety and depression on our bodies and immune system, our mental health is a vital issue. Why are we not taking mental health more seriously?

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I think that we are not pushing the issue because many of us lack an understanding of what we are feeling and some may even fear what they are feeling and don’t want to expose themselves to anyone. There are too many people that have a lack of compassion for others that are struggling. They are passing jugement and creating unsafe environments for the ones that need to talk about what they are going through and that hurts the healing process.

I know for myself what it feels like to struggle mentally and not have a safe person to talk to about it. This is why I try to keep my energy high and be a person that people can come to, knowing that I am not repeating or judging them. I am a safe person! Mostly because of my need for safe people in my life.

Talk About It

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It is important to have people around you that love and support who you are. We don’t need people that want to control us or tell us how to live to give us “advice”. Sometimes, we just need to be heard and/or validated as a human being. When we see others hurting, we should not shy away from them because we don’t “feel” like dealing with their problems. I have learned to detach myself and just listen. That may be all they need. Isn’t that all you need sometimes? The person who is a good listening is priceless in our lives.

There are people that we know out there fighting to manage their symptoms every day. Then there are the people who love and support them. Whichever one you are, or maybe you are both, I want to thank you myself. I am definitely working to be both. It is hard to live in a world you cannot touch when touch is your love language. When love and kindness is what feeds who you are. I understand. We are starving out here! But hold on, not for long.

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By sharing with the people we trust. Being bold enough to say, “I am not okay”and I need help. If we just get out there and learn a little more about what is happening to us…or them. We need to find out what exactly we are feeling and why. We can make the people around us more sensitive and more aware of the importance of mental health. It is so critical to our health in general. It is critical to our connections and healing to make the world around us better. Not just for us, but for them too…

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