Let it Go, Let it Goooooo

letitgo3As this year comes to a close and I sit here thinking about the ups and downs of it, I see how much I have learned and I am extremely thankful for it all. 2017 has brought about many changes and I have been transforming into the amazing woman that I am working toward (yes, I said it just like that!). When you look at back at January 2017 and who you are this moment, are you excited about the change? I know that I am. I have to admit that this year was a very challenging one for me. I may have experienced more ups than downs… but honestly, I am not sure. I just know that I have definitely made some huge strides toward a better me and more beautiful experiences. YAY ME!!!!

It is always up to us to create space in our lives for positive experiences and positive attitudes even when we experience things that are not so positive. A new year is upon us. A new chapter, new sheet of music, however you look at it, we have another opportunity to use what we have learned to be better and surround ourselves with better…people, things, and experiences.

Some things I have learned in 2017…letitgo2

  • To pause and breath when dealing with difficult people and choose how I want to respond to them, without apology.
  • My body needs healthier foods…I found myself eating whatever way too many days and my health was affected. I made things better but I do not care for health scares at all! I am definitely going to exercise more consistently to help as well.
  • I need to avoid “friends” and acquaintances that take advantage of me. Adding to that the ones that are disrespectful and disappear at their leisure.
  • I need to put more time into the relationships that are an even amount of give and take of respect, kindness, care, and support.
  • I refuse to be pessimistic, complaining, critical, or self-sabotaging. Nor will I live with regret.

Now these are not new year resolutions or anything. I learned a lot and these lessons are going to help me go into the new year with less baggage, but I have started that process already. My past, our past is not going to define us. We have to see what happened as lessons. We have to release the negative and take with us what we need to continue on our journey to our best self.

IMG_0720Now, I will share my biggest lesson of 2017. I believe we are all good at thinking that we know how to respond to others. We are all willing, at this time of year, to reflect on the things that we want to change in the new year; all of the things and people we want to let go of as well. Something that I battle hard with is letting go of negative self disapproval, judgement and criticism, anyone else? I am truly my worse critic and none of the people that gossip about me can beat me in that arena! I mean, I forgive people at the drop of a hat knowing that they are going to “rinse and repeat” because they know my forgiveness comes so easy. I can forgive them…why not myself just as easily? I am not being an ass when I say that no one deserves my patience, kindness, forgiveness, and belief in my ability more than I do, no one! I am sorry, but you don’t!

I know that whatever I have done in this life, I have done the best that I could at the time and learned what I needed to learn. Now that I know better, I am doing better. That is what life is about right? Growth. Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Growth is sexy! There, I said it (heeheehee). Let us embrace our lessons and bring them with us as we grow…sexier!

Release……..Let it go!!! (I can’t even say that without singing that song! OMG)

Clean it all out. All of the clutter that blocks who we are, who we want to be. No more baggage, bad feelings toward yourself or others, self-doubt, and just the general drama that we allow to ruin our days…let it go!


Most people use this time because it marks an obvious clean slate, a fresh year, to make changes but we can do it whenever we want to, remember that! We can have a time of cleansing and clearing whenever things get overbearing or we feel like we are stuck, going through the motions.



Let’s leave the past in the past. Don’t keep thinking about it or reminding others about the past. Good riddance!! Your future is waiting for you with endless opportunities for growth and happiness, if you choose. I am choosing!! That is for sure. Clear the junk! If it does not serve you, you do not need it. That has been a huge lesson for me this year. The more I let go, the more beautiful things are.

Who do you want to become this year?

Cheers to you and your clean slate! Happy New Year!Letitgo

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