It is Time to Make a Change!

With a new year coming, I know many people are trying to figure out how they will make things better for themselves and those they love. Will you start that business? Lose weight, again or finally? Write that book? Whatever it is that you make up your mind to pursue, you are feeling once again as with every new year that approaches. It is time to make a change!

Do you need to make a change in your life? Most of us do.

What is it that you want to change? Are you thinking that you need to love yourself more or put boundaries up for yourself and others? What about a change in your career or love life?

Ultimately, whatever it is that we want to focus more on, we are looking to be better. We are looking to be happier and healthier…in every way when it is all said and done.


Change. I sit here right now and think of all of the resolutions and intentions set for a brand new year and I ask the question….why don’t we actually follow through? Why does it seem so complicated?

I think I have an idea…risk. We look at change and focus on the risk. Knowing that when we attempt to change things, we risk failure or rejection of some sort. Not everyone is up for that. We all love comfort and the least amount of drama possible. When most of us think about change, we may think about what we have to give up and the possibility of not succeeding.

To Preserve and Protect

You know what time it is when we think about change. Time to preserve and protect! We don’t like to rock boats and cause a stir in our lives. Where is the easy button?  We want what we already have…NOT!

How do you feel when it is time to make a change? Do you close off or get tense? You think of a way of escape? Change…Risk is scary, for sure.  What is even more scary to me is remaining the same. Not giving myself a chance to be more…to be better. To live fully!


When we want to change something about our career, we think of the risk of finding a different job and going through the same things. Or maybe changing careers and hating it once we are doing what we thought we would love…and maybe making less money than we want to.

You want to work on loving yourself more and self confidence? Then you look at the risk of being looked at as selfish. Maybe you will look at yourself and think that you are being selfish. If you change, you may think that you will miss out on good opportunities or friendships even if you are not happy.

What if we didn’t look at change as having to give up or losing something? When we do that we may run the risk of not doing anything at all. Even when it is something that we really want for ourselves. We need to look at the potential change and think about what we are willing to do to have it. It is also a good idea to look at what we are NOT willing to do in order to have it. Then do it!

Same ol’ YOu?

Making a change may feel like something risky to you but what about staying in one place? Do you not think that you are risking just as much? Being the same person with the same ol’ patterns is just a risky. Oh, and if you decide not to change how you love yourself, you are risking a whole lot there!

When the new year approaches for me, I like to come up with a word for the year. Once I decide what word will carry me through, I begin to amend. I begin chasing after everything that leads me to that word. Amending feels like a less violent word doesn’t it? Some of us need words that have not been attached to negative things in our lives.

Making an amendment in your life is exciting. and yes, scary. I need to make more amendments. All of us do more than likely. We need to lay our fear down and make more of the amendments that we truly want to make if we are not satisfied with how things currently are. You are a dreamer and you have dreams and things you want out of this life. The decision is going to have to be made to move from what is not serving you to what you feel will help your life be more fulfilling. We don’t not get another chance to do this life again. Why not live it in such a way that we are full and free, happy and unapologetic.

Questions Questions

Who are you today? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

We move from one season to the next and in order to do it, we have to amend things in our life. Subtract in order to add. Simple math in some aspects, painful in others. If we want to live our best life and feel free as we reveal more and more of who we really are, the amendments have to come. It is the difference between loving yourself and actually hating yourself. Having unhealthy eating habits and having a healthy lifestyle. Between a toxic relationship and a healthy one. Being financially fit and still struggling to make ends meet.

Amend Your Thoughts

It’s time for a change! 

Imagine amending your thoughts about change and begin monetizing that hobby, showing your art, writing that book, putting your music out there. The first thing we think is what if they say no. AH, what about this…what will you do if they say yes?! You have the same anxious feelings but….YES! Is that not worth the “risk”?


Reframing how you feel about change will help you make the first step toward the freedom you desire. You will also continue to make more changes when you realize it’s not so bad.

Live well



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