It’s All Good- It Was Not Wasted

Can I share something with you that I have heard and thought that I learned at one time? I am really starting to get it now and wanted to share it with friends. So here it goes… Not everyone and everything is good for you! HA! I know that you knew that one already. Did you know that those things and people are helpful to your journey? They teach you more about you and put you on the path to making room for the best people and experiences that will probably ever happen to you. So, it’s all good! Right?

Think about this for a second. We have bad experiences and they show us what we need and don’t need in our lives. If we take heed and learn from these experiences, they lead us to the good experiences. They teach us to filter out what we don’t want and focus on what makes us feel good. We will be smarter…better… if we allow our not-so good experiences to make us stronger. This goes for those temporary people in our lives as well. We can learn from our time with them what we need and what just does not work for us.

Time and energy

We spend our time doing things we think we are going to love. Time and energy are also invested with people we believe we need in our lives. Sometimes you find out that they fit when you first made the decision to be present but after some time (and some growth), they may not be a good fit for your life anymore. It does not mean that something is wrong with you or them. It just means that things and people have expiration dates in our lives  and when it is time to move forward, we should recognize and honor the time invested (or spent).

When I think of time spent, I think that there may not be a ROI. What are you getting for “spending” time? Investing time tells me that I can count on a return. I will have something in return for the time and energy given. That is important to me at almost 50 years old now because I have already “spent” time with enough people doing enough things that gave me nothing in return worth the time and energy given. No more wasting time! At this point in my life, I want to make investments and receive at least what I put in.

When you do invest time and energy into experiences or people and you do not receive a proper ROI, it is not a reflection of you. It says nothing about your value or worth. It is just information that tells you it is time to change course. Not that career, but the right one. That was the wrong friend/lover, but there is a right one. Hey, and it’s all good.


I really do wish sometimes that life made it easier. That we would ONLY meet lifelong friends, own or work for the perfect business, know what we are passionate about immediately or be attracted to ONLY your lifelong partner. Dreams, dreams, dreams! I have big dreams, I know. It is not that way, so we rehearse. We rehearse until we get it. That just made me think of doctors. Doctors practice medicine because there is no exact way to “do” medicine. Every person cannot receive the very same treatment. Just like every encounter we have has to be rehearsed differently. We practice until we know what will work for us for the long term.

We are going to experience some beautiful things in this life. Reflect on the fact that we already have!  Also, we will have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves when the not-so-good experiences arise. If we never experience the things that feel wrong, we will not truly know what’s right…right? There is so much power in actually using what we learned to finally live an outstanding life. Otherwise, what is the point?

Stronger than ever

This journey we are on is unique for each of us. The fact that we get to experience new things and new people often is a gift. It keeps the journey interesting and colorful and keeps us on our toes. You can’t oversleep or you will miss lessons and have to repeat them. I know I am not the only one who has had that happen. You run into the same kind of people or keep going through the same things and wonder why it keeps happening to you. It’s all good, right?

We all deserve to be chosen and loved. To be supported and understood and when we are feeling the opposite of that, it does not feel good. We cry, we lay in bed for a few hours or a couple of days with nothing but the pain. BUT, we get up! If you haven’t gotten up yet, do it now! Look at the experience, remember that you are on the other side of it now and take the lesson with you. This is the plate that you were served. It’s temporary. Eat the meat and spit out the bones! Meaning, take the lesson and leave the rest.

Taking inventory

Look at all you have been through. All you have overcome. You have learned so much and you are not done yet. In our lowest moments, I feel like we learn the most. We are more vulnerable, more open to learning, our most powerful self! If those things and those people had not happened FOR us, we would not be as fabulous as we are today.

Look at you!

We are the author of our stories. We can talk about how we have been mistreated and used over and over again. Oh, the stories we have about being abandoned and abused, lost and rejected! There is also another side of the story, if you are willing to tell it. A story of survival, growth and lessons. We have hundreds of stories about how we chose to be strong and not give up. How we loved even when we didn’t receive that love in return.

We are going to continue to meet the wrong people and have not-so-good experiences as long as we are alive and breathing. Those people we meet and experiences we have are supposed to happen on the way to the right people and the right experiences. It’s all good. It raises your standards and your vibration along the way.

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