It’s a Beautiful Life…Still

9 Most Beautiful Places In Thailand - TravelAwaitsWe may not be able to say that we have everything we want today…we can still look at where we are and deem our lives beautiful. There may be a huge difference between what you wanted for your life and what you actually have…its a beautiful life…still!

We have already had about a billion things that we really wanted but ended up getting something totally different. Most of those things we should be thankful we did not get! I know I am…

No matter what…life is beautiful. It is STILL beautiful!

In this time of crisis, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my life and what could have been. When comparing, which I should not be, I see just how beautiful things are right now in the middle of all this chaos.

Maybe you wanted a big apartment in a large city but ended up in a good-sized home inThe Rascals - It's A Beautiful Morning - YouTubeAtlanta. Maybe you pictured yourself married with 3 children at this age but you are freely dating and picking up and traveling whenever you get a wild hair to do so. Ok, maybe you thought that you would have a close group of girlfriends the way you see on tv and in the movies but instead, you have this one ride or die friend and a couple of associates sprinkled here and there.

Whatever it is, I think you, just like me, can say that life is still beautiful.

It is not what we expected, but looking back, I am grateful for what I have been given and what I have earned. I am also EXTREMELY grateful for what I did not get…some of which I did earn….but God said no! I don’t know about you, but I have dodged many a bullet in my 47 years of life.

23 Photos That Prove How Beautiful New Zealand Is - Big 7 TravelThinking about what I do have and where it all is taking me is beautiful. It will not be a perfect journey, as far as what I see as perfect, but it is gonna be beautiful. It will be because the beauty is what I will be looking for. The Blessing and the lessons. They will all be there. Right when they are supposed to be.

Things happen just when they are supposed to and just the WAY they are supposed. We have to believe that…there is a reason it all happens just the way it does, even if we do not like it. Timing is everything! No matter what, beautiful person, you are on time…everything is on time.

Everything you are doing, where you are in life, who is in your life, who is not in your45 Most Beautiful Places in America — Beautiful Places in the USAlife, where you are working or not working…it is supposed to be just like this! That may not be what you want to hear but it’s true…you’re not late…its not late…you are on time! For everything you wanted, you did receive something. Maybe not exactly what you wanted, but practice some grace and be gentle with yourself and know that you are still living a beautiful life.

Life isn’t always gonna play out the way we want it to, but you may find out that you are getting just what you need. I think there is a song by Mick Jagger that let us know, ” You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find that you get what you need.” any other 70s babies out there?

11 Beautiful French Words to Melt Your Heart (With Audio ...We are gonna see just how beautiful our lives really are when we begin to appreciate what we have, be grateful for some of the things we didn’t get, and look forward to more beauty…because it’s coming, even if we can’t see how and when.

So chin up…and enjoy what your senses give you right now, in your present…

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