I love a Little Mystery

via Daily Prompt: Mystery

I think we all need a little mystery in our lives. It keeps things interesting…takes us away from boredom and the routine that our lives sometimes have. I can admit that for the most part I love certainty. I am most comfortable when I have an “itinerary” for what is going to happen in my life and I can prepare for it. I also like uncertainty though…to a point. Surprises and mystery can be fun! That is, when it contains the things that get me excited and make me happy.

I am a problem-solver. I am also learning that sometimes I can find myself spending too much time trying to solve issues and “know” everything. What I have learned is that it doesn’t always matter if I know something or not. Mystery can be intriguing and fun. Not “knowing” and accepting the mysteries of life show that I have Faith and moving forward without knowing shows a lack of fear. On the other hand people that have to know everything are showing that they have no faith and they are probably hiding behind their fear. And the “knowing” that they believe they have is just a disguise for the most part; they are delusional and hiding behind that “know-it-all” attitude.

Mysteries leave is speechless because they really cannot be known or discovered. It is an “as is” situation so you cannot even get stressed about it. When we accept the mysteries in our lives (meaning the people, places, experiences that we have) they cause us to give up control and we could possibly have more calming and positive thoughts and attitudes, less stress. So it may be okay for some to try to solve all of the mysteries of life and figure everything out, but you can live with less fear, stress, and control and more freedom and faith when you accept that there are some things you will never really know.

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