I Finally Tried Microneedling!

Microneedling at Home - Jasmine Maria

So, I am always looking for new beauty tricks to keep people guessing how old I am. I think I have like 4-5 subscription boxes coming to my doorstep every month so that I can try things and figure out what is gonna help this girl right here look young and healthy.

I read about micro needling in a magazine and got super curious. Looked it up so that I can see a video on how its done and I felt like I was watching a minor horror flick! I sat there watching a woman getting stab in her face with a bunch of tiny needles and it started to bleed. When she was done, I saw that those tiny stabs were worth it because that woman was glowing! Immediate results? I’m in!

Microneedling at Home: How to Use At-Home Microneedlers and Derma ...

Micro-needling is the process of creating small micro-channels and injuries to the skin with tiny needles. Then the magic happens when your body responds to the “injuries’ naturally by stimulating collagen. This phenomena can treat stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines, enlarged pores (hello me!), acne scars and other textural concerns.

I have been doing it at home and I have seen a world of difference in my face. My skin has been struggling in this weather as well as my new found fashion trend of mask-wearing….


Dermaroller How-To: What to Consider before Microneedling At Home

Doing the micro-needling at home will not get us the same results as it will in the office. Just like that box color you all have been doing for the last few months but we won’t talk about that right? The at-home rollers don’t piece your skin as deeply, but they can be used to enhance the penetration of your products. I use it right before I apply my hydrating, brightening, or rejuvenating products and I only do it once a month.

Another benefit you have with doing it at home will be the price of course. I asked the spa that I go to for my normal facials the price and it will cost you anywhere from $400-$625 for a single session. See….. but one day…

How to do it

Some of the products I am currently using for my night routine

1. Cleanse and prep your skin. Use your favorite cleanser. I have one I use in the day and one for at night. I am a fan of Drunk Elephant and I pretty much use all of their products at night. Your skin cells are turning over then. I always feel like I get the most benefit from my nighttime ritual. Remove all of your make up. I use bamboo reusable prep pads instead of cotton balls or pads. better for the environment and more cost effective. I am a fan of witch hazel on my face so that is what I use as my astringent.

2. Roll each side of your face for 15 seconds. I am guilty of not reading the directions at first because I thought I was already an expert after watching the video but…Thank God it is pretty fool-proof! I begin at my chin move to my cheeks, and finish at my forehead. I roll in different directions. Up and down, then side to side, and diagonally.

3. Then we apply our face serums. I only do the micro-needling once a month so I truly get my money’s worth when I do it. Avoid using glycolic and lactic acids during this time because your skin is wide open and you will be inflicting some more pain to your pretty little face. This is the only time that I also avoid putting my vitamin C products on as well because there is a huge chance of irritation. Beauty doesn’t have to be that much pain. I do use a hyaluronic acid mask, an antioxidant serum and a hydration gel as my moisturizer. I do not use retinol because it can be harsh on the skin.

4. Clean and sanitize your roller! I spritz mine with isopropyl alcohol-70% or higher- after each use to be sure that I am sterilizing and sanitizing the needles. Then I let it air dry.

I have heard of people micro-needling once or twice a week, but I am currently doing it once a month. My reason is because I am over 40 so my cells turn over a little slower and I really don’t want to over do puncturing my skin. For me, its a once a month treat that I look forward to. I already spoil my face on a daily so I like having that one time in the month where I can be a little extra doing a total body spoiling from head to toe.

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