I Finally Tried It…Dia& Co

IMG_4512I have been stalking Dia & Co for a few months; watching different influencers unveil their goods and loving most of what they tried on. I had a lot of questions and doubts but I eventually got on board, just to see if I would have the same luck.

IMG_4503I went to the site and signed up. The questionaire to find out my size and preferences was easy to navigate and they assigned my a stylist. I could not wait to receive y first box! When I finally did, I felt like the wind had been let out of my sails….I was not happy. The only thing I did keep was a super cute clutch and I use it very often. I sent back the rest (postage paid) and tried to decide if I was going to give it another try.

I did! I tell you what…I am so happy that I did. I filled out the opinion info and told the reasons why I sent the piece back. I was so afraid to get another box like that, I think IMG_4511that I even said that maybe this stylist wan’t feeling me and requested another.  SO I did do another box and low and behold, this stylist got me! She listened to me and sent some HOT pieces that I started rocking right away. I have had her send me two boxes so far and I am in LOVE. I am happy that I did not give up on the whole thing. The styles were great, affordable (they do inquire about your budget), and the fit was perfect! She really understands what I want to feel when I step out of the house. I look forward to working with her some more and sharing the treasures my stylist finds for me.

Dia & Co….Yay!!!!!!



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