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I am a blogger. New to this world at 48 years of age. A mom of 3 sons ages 27, 21, and 14 years old. It has not been easy raising military brats, but I tell you that I have fallen deeper in love with them by the minute. One has graduated college with his Bachelors, works as a firefighter and behavior health technician with autistic children and is heading back for his Masters after a small break. My middle son is going into his third year of college. My last little guy is currently being home-schooled and we are having a blast!! Although 2 of my boys are grown and doing their thing, we remain a tightly-knit family. Blogging about my life and struggles and my wins was definitely a dream of mine.


I finally received my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, concentration in management and I have my own salon business. I am building an event planning business at home as well. My biggest desire is to work full-time in my life coaching and blog. The others are also things that make me happy.

WHy I started blogging

I became a blogger because I am a MEGA introvert and wanted to get some things off of my chest. I am also an Empath so I care more about what people have to say to me than giving them any information about myself. So having this blog has been refreshing and I appreciate the readers so much for sharing my emotions with me. I love working with women and encouraging them to grow and keep pursuing their dreams. So recently I have begun my journey as a life coach! I really concentrate on mothers and parenting. My clients want to work on habit change and work-life balance. I am passionate about all of these things because I spent a lot of time out of balance and my family suffered for it.

As women, we go through a lot emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually and some of us do it alone. My desire is to share my experiences and hope to be an encouraging source to someone who needs it. I want to be a blogger that shares her story in the hopes that I would reach women, or men, just like me outside of my immediate space to encourage them in their journey and let them know that they are not alone.

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