How To Own Your Next Year

Man, so much can happen in a year!

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52 weeks…365 days…8,760 hours. Yes, I would say that is a lot of time. It could look overwhelming when you see it written down. I must say, when I see these numbers, I am thinking about it as one of my greatest gifts. Time…is a gift!

Things are so crazy in my world. I have a part time job in the salon (I just recently made that a reality!). I homeschool my youngest son and I am working to see if I can take my blog to the next level. Not to mention, I am studying to receive my certification in life and health coaching. I am running around in circles y’all and I am not mad about it either. Last year, I was doing things that I did not really want to with my time. This year looks like a circus, but everything is what I love to do. None of it feels like work at all.

A Lot Can Happen In A Year

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When you look at what you are doing in your life and how far you have come, it should make you smile. You may even feel a little hopeful. Whether you have a schedule similar to mine or you are much less active, you should be pleased. You are still here to experience whatever life you have created.

A lot can happen in a year. I know that a lot has happened in mine.

Reflect on Your Year

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Did you meet anyone new that is now part of your tribe? They don’t have to be a romantic love interest or a soulmate. In this past year I have met a few people that actually “get” me! These ladies enjoy my company and it is definitely give and take when it comes to sharing. I used to have a “no new friends” rule because of the past experiences. It just didn’t seem worth it. I also thought that I was a little too old to be trying to make friends.

I am so happy that I opened my heart up to meeting new people and having new experiences. This lady is having the time of my life! For real. I am not a small talk type of person but every once in a while I do it. Go ahead and smile and open yourself up to the idea of meeting someone that can add to you!

I also learned a lot about myself in the alone time I had (I had a lot when the salon closed down). Spent time finding out what I really enjoy, what I deserve (from myself and others), and who I truly want to be. We can learn more about ourselves through any experience we have, even in the oddest of times.

Open Yourself Up

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Find a hobby or passion that gets you excited! Passion has a strange way of showing up in our lives. You could be watching a movie or tv show or maybe listening to a podcast. Maybe you overheard a conversation about something that may interest you.

What about making more money? We all would like to make more money and build wealth. In a year, you can find a side hustle, a new job, or go out and create a job doing something you have always dreamed of doing. Sometimes the opportunities come to us. Other times we have to go and get them. Keep working for what you want and keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Time is Precious

Reflecting on the year, and looking forward to the next oneā€¦ - Weight  Management Psychology

Our perspective and attitude is everything. I am so happy that I stopped beating myself for not being where others are. I know that everyone has a journey and they will move at their own pace. When we are looking at Facebook, we should know that we are looking at the highlight reels.

You are right where you are supposed to be at this point in your life. Don’t worry about what they are doing, you are going in the right direction for you and yours. have everything you need to get where you are going and you’re doing YOUR thing.

Stay hydrated, protected, and moisturized. Keep taking care of you and minding your “business”. A lot can happen in 52 weeks…365 days…

You know what I mean.

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