How to Choose Your Word of the Year

Wow, here we are at the close of another year! This one seems to have gone faster than the one before! So much has happened that sharing it all in one post would make one’s head explode. I will spare you the details then. All in all, there were many lessons learned, many tears shed and smiles spread. I am grateful for it all. Yes, even the tears. Tears cleanse! I used to be embarrassed to be such a cry baby at times. Now, I have grown to see the power in those tears and the growth that happens because of them. It is time to reflect on our past year and look at how to choose your word of the year for 2022.

As this year comes to a close, like every year before, I am thinking of my word or phrase to take me through next year. I am not one to make resolutions because I am one that goes hard in the beginning and then the motivation fades. That is all about willingness and the fact that I may not really want what I say I want at the time. But that is for another blog post right?

Reflecting on the Good and Bad

Some of us have experience quite a bit of pain in this year. As painful as they are…those setbacks, failures and tragedies, they are a part of life. I am so sad to say. Our lives have a way of giving us a little kick when we are down. Thank God for the people and favorable experiences in our lives that uplift us and help us get back up again. Not to forget, but to learn from and heal.

It is hard to listen to the news when what they report can be so bias, tragic, and lend no hope for better days. We have to find a way to encourage ourselves and give ourselves a reason to get out of bed and live, not just exist. Whether we manage to find joy in the midst of our struggles and achieve some success is really dependent upon our strength and ability to persevere…even through the toughest of days. How do we keep going and not give up some days? I ask myself that question a lot when I think about all that I have survived.

Having a WOrd of the Year

Looking back through this year and thinking about my word for 2021, which was “move”, I can say that I did a lot of that! Mission accomplished. Maybe I could have done more. I choose to celebrate how much moving I did do. Also all of the things I am doing behind the scenes to get some more movement in the upcoming year. I have been meditating on what I want to work through this year and I believe I have 2 words. I cannot choose which one is more important to me right now so I am bringing them both with me through 2022.

Now, If you have never tried to come up with a word of the year to reflect on, I would say try it! Resolutions are hard for many of us to stick to. The minute most people miss a day or two, they completely give up. I find that having a word or phrase keeps me focused. I write it down daily, if not more when I am journaling. My accountability partner checks in on me and holds space for me in that area. We all need that! I know that each day is another chance. So if I did not do anything that has to do with my word, I can reflect on that in my journaling, be kind to myself and know that if I have a tomorrow, I have another chance to move forward in what I say I want for myself.

5 Steps to FInding your Word of the Year

Ok, so I am going to share the 5 steps that I use to help me choose my Word of the Year.

  1. Reflect. The first thing you can do is to reflect on this past year and ask yourself….What can I use more of in my life? Is there anything that I can you less of right now? How do I want to feel this year? What characteristics would I like to have? After asking yourself those questions, you will have a better sense of the direction you would like to go this year.
  2. Visualize. What would a perfect day in your world look like? Feel like? See the whole thing. From your morning routine to work day to bedtime. I use meditation when visualizing. Sitting in silence for a few minutes and asking yourself these things can be effective as well. It may seem silly but if you can’t see it, more than likely, you can’t be it.
  3. Make a list. Take 5 or 10 minutes of your time to make a list of words that come to your mind when you think of you desires for the next year. What do you want? How do you want to feel? How will you get there?
  4. Refine. Look at that list and narrow it down. When you look at those words, which ones get you excited, scare you a little, or make something inside you tingle? Highlight maybe 3 of them. I pay attention to the words that scare me a little. Makes me feel like I am on the right track because I know it’s going challenge me. Then again, you may choose a word that brings you peace and empowerment. It is your word. You get to be and do what you choose to with your year.
  5. Ask yourself if you are interested or if you are committed? If you are just interested then there may be a chance that you will come up with excuses as to why you are not putting in the work to actually make those changes. If you are committed to your word of the year, you will do whatever it takes to bring more of that word into your life. You will fight for the results associated with your word.
Take your time choosing

Take your time thinking of your word. You don’t want to just pull a word out of the sky because you may not to commit to seeing it through for the year. There may be an area in your life that you would like to improve upon or learn more about. You may want to finally get that business or book started. What about redoing that area in your home or going back to school. What word will guide you through the year and to your goal?

Write your word/phrase down in your calendar, journal, or planner. Put it where you visit often like a post-it note on the computer, bathroom mirror…anywhere.

My Words for 2022

My words for the year are freedom and acceptance. Why? Because I need to get free from people! From thinking so much about what other people think of me. I want to dance like no one is watching or sing as for an audience of One. That is honestly not me and I want it to be so that is one of my words. I have actually already started working that word these last few months. Why wait for the new year right?

I also chose acceptance because I have a hard time with labels. For some reason, I believe that if someone gives you a label like friend or lover, they should behave as such and I have my own idea of what “such” is (laughing at myself as I type that thought). Anywho, people are people and sometimes they want the label without the responsibility. I choose to accept people for who they are, give them my own labels and smack some boundaries on that thing! I also want to accept myself for feeling the way I do. It may not be popular, yet somehow I don’t feel as if it is wrong for this season in my life.

Best Wishes for your New Year

I am wishing you nothing but good in your health, love, and finances for the upcoming year. I am praying that you show yourself and others plenty of grace and we all try to navigate through this strange new world. Find your word and allow it to carry you through this year.

I hope this helped you think about what you want your 2022 to look and feel like. If you have a word, please share it with me! I would love to see what you are looking forward to this year.

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