How To Become An Energy Maker

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There are a few sayings that just don’t sit well with me. One of them is “It is what it is” and another is, “I am going to give them the same energy that they give me.” For me, this means that someone can control my energy, for that matter, my day! I am just not good with that. I can’t go through my day saying that I only offer to others what they decide to give to me. Like I need permission to be. What?! I don’t think so.

Who is really out there letting others decide if they are going to be happy, at peace, loving, kind, or pissed off today? That is not a good way to decide to be you. That seriously can’t be the way you really want to decide to live. Not under the thumb of others.

Yes, they don’t return your calls or texts for days on end. Ok, they can be rude and won’t just be straight with you. Maybe they show the world that they are out spending money but won’t pay you back. Oh yeah, as soon as you answer your phone they spill their whole life on you without even asking you how you are doing. That is annoying for sure. Do you truly want to return that energy though?

You Have a Choice

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Every single day that we are gifted, we have a choice. We are given countless opportunities to treat others the way we have been treated or maybe the opposite of that. Is that serving good to your soul? Honestly, is that something you really want to do? Is that who you are? I can’t imagine how draining it would be for me to match the energy of some of the people that I encounter on a daily basis. How negative would that make some of us and what would it do to who we truly are?

I tend to be the person that speaks to people knowing they are not going to speak back. There is always an opportunity for me to smile or say good morning first. This does not always happen, depending on what’s going on, but I do try to text right back. At least as soon as I see it.

I do my best not to be influenced by the room I enter, but allow the room to be influenced by the energy that I bring. Why not? Most days I am all of that and a bag of chips! That is one of my affirmations, except I don’t say most days. I am a work in progress.

Enjoy Your Life Like No Ones Is Judging

What's the difference between praise and worship? Be in the know!

Be the one who sets the tone. Who do you want to be down the road? Be them right now! Be the one that helps or the first to attempt something from your family or friends. It is ok to be the one that offers to take the check or show some needed empathy. Who cares if the receiver ever returns the energy.

You can be the initiator and the one who returns the energy you need. “Energy” is my focus word for 2021 so I was really thinking about where I have lost some of my energy. This was one of the places…when I encounter others. So even when my energy is not matched, I am gonna do me. I am going to do what feels good. That’s it and that’s all!

How Do You Want To Be Treated?

Think about that. How do you want to be treated? Just do that! This does not mean that we become a doormat and allow ourselves to be misused. We definitely do not have to tolerate anything that we do not deserve. We should just genuinely be who we are and not wait for someone to return the energy or give us permission to be who we are. Stand out! Do something different.

Do your best to lead with love. Put your boundaries up where needed so you don’t have to think about returned energy. Just do you. Be true to yourself and live this life out unapologetically.

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