How To Avoid Being Average This Year

Do you ever feel like you are just an average person? Nothing special?

No one wants to be average. I guess when you look at the definition of “average”, most people fall in that space. If this is not what we want, we have to make the decision to break away from average and work on being outside of the pack.

I don’t think I have ever had a time where I felt average. If anything, for most of my life, I definitely felt below average. A lot of that came from lack of encouragement and not really knowing who I was. Lack of identity can really make you lose out on some good years of self love and confidence.

Breaking Away From The Pack

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So What are some things we can do to get away from feeling average? Here are some things that I have been working on through my self love journey……

  • Be engaged in what you are doing! I am so easily distracted and it causes me to not be “all in” sometimes. I am learning to carve out a place in my home, or maybe outdoors, that is free of distractions. Honestly, if I am anywhere that I have to deal with the demands of my daily life, nothing is really going to get done. So find a quiet place so you can get some work done…whatever that is.
  • Go beyond doing what is asked of you, especially in the workplace. People tend to forget the ones that do the bare minimum. We all can remember the people that do high quality work and are genuinely hardworking. Being an original will keep you in the minds of those that appreciate your work.

Do The Work!

Striving For Excellence To Avoid Being Average
  • Do the work! For real! I have had so many lazy moments last year. It was easy! We were all stuck in the house and had nothing but time and what did I do? Nothing! A lot of nothing. If we are only giving minimum effort, we will only see minimum success. I am tired of doing what’s “good enough” and skating by. To get further, we are going to have to put in the work. That’s it and that’s all!
  • Retrain your brain! One of the biggest things that I have been working on is my thinking. I am guilty of being able to think my way out of a lot of opportunities and experiences. I am here to tell you that the power of belief is something else! That can be good or bad for us. I will just say this, put some effort into convincing yourself that you are nowhere near average. You are limitless!
  • Law of attraction. Success can be an attractive thing. The best way for you to attract what it is you want is to demonstrate the success. If you want to be considered for your dream job or be able to create a successful business, you have to show others why you are the one for the job. You can be trusted with their business. How do we do that? Put in our best effort. At all times. Stay humble.

Ok….Got It!

What Does It Mean To Be Original? - Kaarina's Journey

As long as we can convince ourselves that we must be optimistic in order to move forward successfully, we can get to where we want to be. We have to keep trying and we most definitely cannot give up!

We have to learn how to manifest the things that we want to see and experience in our lives. I am really learning that I was doing this unintentionally in my life. Now I know more and I am more intentional. No more lazy girl, although I do take time to rest when I need to. And I don’t fuss at myself about it.

None of us wants to be forgotten in this life so we have to do our thing….and be original! Being yourself is refreshing. I am positive that you love many things about you. You have to think about them. Write those things down if you must. Focus on your strengths because you can continue to make them stronger. Our weaknesses, we can work on whenever, or maybe not.

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