How is Your Chase Game?

chasingHave you ever found yourself chasing someone who doesn’t want to be in your life? A potential lover? A friend?

Not only do we chase but sometimes we make excuse for why they have not been caught!   “Maybe if we saw each other more outside of work.” or “He/she has such a busy work schedule.”….Oh, the thoughts that run through our heads!

I have to admit that I have not chased a lover or anything but I have put a little jog in on some potential friendships and people that I thought would be good to be connected to in some form or fashion. Chasing is not fun…not for me at least!! I am not the person who enjoys waiting around for a text back or an invitation. I don’t enjoy setting up date and confirming, feeling like I am way more excited than they are. I am not a fan of having to come up with something to talk about all of the time so a conversation won’t fizzle …I am an introvert, for goodness sake!!!

We have to refrain from being blinded by our vision and/or their potential in our chasing1lives…there is so much more to life. So much!! And we are hurting ourselves giving so much time to things and people that do not serve good to who we are. I have worked too hard learning to love the parts of me that I have spent years building and working on to waste time on someone that cannot see my worth or is not even giving attention to my presence.

The vision of being out with friends that adore us, girl’s trips, coffee shop visits, shopping trips, romantic vacations….feeling so grateful to experience life with this/these humans by your side…These experiences cleanse you; make feel like dessert for your soul. I think of friendships as relationships too and if we were meant to be in each others’ lives, everything will fall into place. When someone wants to be in your life, you don’t chase each other, you find each other and you decide to stick around…all of the time and not for a matter of convenience.

chasing5We are all missing our relationship closeness in the chaos we are experiencing today, but think about the fact that your hands and heart may not be as heavy as they were a couple of months ago. Are you feeling lighter, happier, drama-free and full of hope. (If not, you may do well to go talk to someone…our mental health is very important, especially in times like these)….Most of all for me, I am learning so much about myself, especially learning how to love me more thoroughly and completely.

Here I am, in the midst of the strangest times I may ever see, being my whole self, my own person, in my own strength…are you? I have been loving myself and being there (or here) for me…for the first time in a LONG time! Here I am y’all…finding my own happiness and peace…who knew?! Are you?

3DE8C17B-34BD-456E-9FFC-3528D1727101At a certain age, we just know, right? We know who we want to spend more time with…who we want in our lives…what we want in our lives. We know what we want to give more attention to…who we want to get to know better…etc. Food for thought…sometimes chasing is a sign of a bigger problem you may be having like boredom, loneliness or maybe you just need something exciting in your life because you notice that you have started to just exist instead of truly living.

A person not seeing your worth is not an invitation to try to prove them wrong. It just means that this person is not meant to be in your life for a lifetime because every one else who is in your life for the duration did not need a song and dance to make the chasing3decision to be here. They show up and show you that you are worth more to them than you think.

Finding out more about you and your potential is something worth chasing. It is something you are sure to actually catch if you really make the effort.

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