How I get From Chaos to Calm

chaos“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” Joan Borysenko.

With all that is going on in our world, it is hard to see any space at all for peace. My heart is hurting for everyone! We have two viruses that are overtaking our loved ones and they are spreading like nothing else before it. I am sad…for us, especially for my babies. I really am…but I want to say that I know that it is not hopeless and change is coming.

Right now, along with all that is going on, I am in the process of making some big changes in my life. They are not adding any chaos, but there is some uncertainty, insecurities, and fear that I may be carrying…and this is expected to be present with any changes that occur.

I have a desire to be able to look chaos of all kind right in the face and be able to refrain from letting anarchy affect my inner homeostasis. I am a peacemaker after all, but I do have trouble being as vigilant with it for myself as I am for others. I love having peaceful energy…bringing calm with me everywhere I go. Whenever there is drama in my life…family, friends, work, health, finances, school, natural disasters, or other worldly chaos, I do not want any of those things to disrupt my Peace. My desire is to have Peace..inside of me yes…and all around me as well.

We have to start with our inner man. We need to look at what we are thinking. If we can quiet our inner chaos, our outer chaos may simmer. We have to quiet all of our mental noise. What are you telling yourself?

I have a morning routine that I always pray puts me in a position to remain unbothered chaos2and at ease all day long. I just crave that kind of unbothered serenity every day. When situations do come up and they are not part of my plan, I attempt to stay completely centered and unfazed by the drama going on around me. Its a fantasy I know but a girl can dream right?

Honestly, I have to say that when anything comes up in my life, my brain hurries to “fix” it. And my nutty self will lose sleep over trying to fix the issue! I will research, ask a few trusted friends, loved ones, colleagues…my mom or dad…backwards!!!!

How can we have inner peace in the middle of a storm? How do we sit calmly and not freakout? How do we not worry? How do we remain rooted and connected and stay centered?

Here are some things that help me…

  1. Develop the Faith that things will always turn out okay. Things do not always turn out the way we think they should, but know that they will turn out the way they should and we will find out why as time passes on. In order to transcend our situation and have peace in our lives, we have to feel it…know it. Even if we cannot see how things can be okay, we have to believe with conviction that it will. We have survived 100% of the things we have already been through…we will be okay. When we possess faith, that inner knowing is a feeling that will be with us. We will know. We cannot have that feeling if we do not possess unrockable faith. It will take time and part of growing into that is governing our thinking and what we say to ourselves. Be kind. Speak truth. Feelings have power! chaos3
  2. Visualize. While I fight with myself to have faith and speak life over the situation, I work to calm my mind down and begin to envision the outcome that I would like to see. I imagine myself feeling what I want to feel…happy, healthy, safe, and loved…I don’t get attached to the idea of the feeling, but it is good to position yourself for greatness. At that point, I can rest in some good vibes and work to keep myself centered….Thoughts have power!
  3. Train your brain… If we wish for things to be different or better, but underneath it all we feel doomed and hopeless, nothing will change. We truly have to think about what we are thinking about and change what does not serve good to our lives. I am an affirmations girl. I use them to help me improve my mental and emotional fitness. I repeat them many times throughout my day until they become my inner truth. When I am stressed , I breathe and I speak good and truth over my situation and myself to pull me back to my center and ease my mind. You can’t tell yourself that you will never be happy, healthy, or financially fit and wonder why you are depressed, sick, and borrowing money…Words have power!
  4. Look to add value to your world each day. We all have a purpose , our own unique mission…the reason we are here. We all have a gift (gifts) that we are born to share with others. Those gifts are what we have to serve and dazzle the world! When we get to the chaos in our lives, we have our gifts to help us pull through and help chaos1others get through. We have to stick to what is true to us. When panic and confusion descend on you, remember that you have a purpose and focus on that. Part of that purpose is to be and spread unconditional love. We all do it differently, but for things to change, it has to be done. When all else fails, focus on how you can add value to the world. If you are wondering what your personal life purpose/mission is, pay attention to the things that make your heart beat faster…the things that you always fall back on when you try something new….they will lead you to it. Action has power!

When I know that I have contributed value to the world each day, I feel centered, grateful, and grounded…at ease.

What our outer world looks like, can be a reflection of what is going on in our inner world…remember that! Messiness, uncleanliness or disorganization in our homes, cars, and workspaces can be a mirror to what is going on in us. If we can tame the beast within, the dramas in our outer world may minimize. For me, getting organized in my home, helps me think clearly when trying to get my outer life together but that’s just me.

chaos4Many events will occur in our lives that are beyond our control. We need to develop the tools to help us keep our peace while working through the chaos. We will make it to the other side of our chaos. How we look and feel when we get there is up to us.


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