Handling Rejection-You Can Do It

Handling rejection has not been easy for me. I can’t say that I have not had a lot of practice and should be bulletproof, but not just yet. (shaking my head).

When my young one started modeling and acting, he heard from me and his instructors that he would hear a lot of nos and should learn how to handle them and continue to grow. The YES is coming! I believe that with my heart of hearts…it coming for my baby boy. I also need to believe that same thing for myself.

Hearing No

I have had many yeses, don’t get me wrong. There are just some areas of my life that I am still getting some strong nos. I would like to call them “not yets” for now. And it is better to hear someone say no than for them to give you the silent treatment all together. We say that and then we have seasons where all we hear is no. Frustrating!

Do you think that there is ever a time when hearing no would make you celebrate? I have to tell you…many of the nos that I have gotten recently have been like dodging a bullet. Not all of them, but lots! I like to think that each no I get in an area of my life is getting me closer to a yes. The yes that Really want. But HOW?

hearing yes

When we sit down and truly think about what we want and how it will benefit our lives, some of those answers should be no. You may be looking to hear yes about a contract you have been waiting on, a new career change or business loan for yourself. What about yes to that beautiful house or will she say yes to marrying you? Those are the yeses that you want to hear.

Now think about this. Sometimes where we want to hear yes, a no comes. This no may be what protects you from harm so we have to welcome those nos. We don’t know how many nos we are going to receive before we get to the yes we have been waiting for so patience, beautiful one, it’s coming.

what do you really want?

If we are waiting for that big, life-changing yes, we are going to have to prepare for those ugly nos. We have to know that we will finally hear the yes we have been waiting for whether we have to put in some extra work or not. Let’s just learn how to handle rejection in the meantime.

We may have to get a little more education or exercise and eat better. Might even have to work on our resume or go on a few more awful dates to finally hear that long awaited yes. Don’t lose heart!

Every no is moving us a little closer to our yes.

Thankful for the nos too!

I will say this. I have been so thankful for many of the nos that I have heard. BOY! I have dodged some heartache, stress, loss of money and brain cells to name a few things. So yes, we can be grateful for the rejections that are not going to get us where we dream to go.

We have some breakthroughs coming. Yes you too! We are going to have to learn to handle rejection while we await them. This means in whatever area of your life. I know, you don’t want to have to kiss 100 frogs to find your prince or settle for jobs that are not part of your dream but even those experiences are necessary.

Every time we put ourselves out there to get closer to our dream, we have the risk of a no. And that’s ok! We get out there and work to try something new, to love, to live a certain dream, or get in the dating game and shoot our shot. Things happen…sometimes they don’t. But each experience brings us closer to our dream.


When I think about the nos that we receive before our yes, it took me back to high school. Trying out for the basketball team or cheerleading (don’t ask me why I even tried that one time!) Anywho, unless we have connections, the right person, job, or experience is not just going to fall into our laps after one date, interview, or trip. We have to do a little trial and error. Which takes some patience, doesn’t it?

I am going to whisper this to you because I feel like I shouldn’t say it, but life can genuinely suck sometimes…….those nos can sting! They can have you running to the freezer for the ice cream and Netflix rabbit hole. Don’t! We just need to find peace in the fact that we are getting closer and closer to what it is that we really want.

We have to hear our nos and learn how to recover from them so that we can get back up and try again. Knowing how to recover from disappointment is a super important tool. Learn it! The only true no is if you quit or you never try in the first place.

Handle that rejection like a pro and “no” your way to THE yes!

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