Grandmas are Important!

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So I don’t know if I have told you all yet but I am going to be a grandma! This will be my very first one and I have to admit that I am nervous, anxious, and feeling weird because this means that my oldest son is fast approaching another challenge in his life. Not to mention I am aware of the fact that you have to have sex to have babies. LAWD help me! My role is going to still be important and it will also change a bit. He will be in control of how it changes as they usually are right? It is going to be different and beautiful. Once my son got married, I was rubbing my hands together waiting for just this kind of news. Here we are!

We got the news on Christmas morning. They had given me a beautiful blanket with family pictures and a couple of other things that already had me in tears. Then came the random “Christmas” card that Jay said was so funny that he had to get it for me.

I cried!!! Because I think my heart wanted it and my head wasn’t prepared. I love my son! He’s turning out to be a great man and he prays. I know this was something he definitely prayed for. So I cried. My heart is so full of joy for him and my daughter-in-love. They deserve every bit of happiness they have waited over 11 years to have.

Greater News!

SO yes…good news, my son is going to be a dad. Even greater news? I am going to be a grandma! Well, I think I will be “Lovey” but this is subject to change. Can’t lie to you, I am so tickled about the whole thing.

To be able to give that little baby ice cream for breakfast and hugs that will be endless. I can’t wait to take them on walks in the park and shopping, oh yes, shopping. Vacations, dinners, and shopping will never be the same again! I did say shopping right? Anywho.

Grandmas are Important

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After all the dust settled with the news, I thought about what the label of grandma will mean to me. Grandmas are important. Grandmas carry wisdom of the generations. They know what it’s like to be a mother and how important self care is. Grandmas can share experiences they have had in parenting and practical tips for success. They can also share what did not work for them. No child is the same so no experience will be identical. The wisdom a grandma shares can still lend a helping hand to a new parent trying to survive child-rearing without clue.

Grandmothers have a special bond with their grandchildren. It’s legendary! Or at least it will be with me and mine. Grandmas have a softer touch with those babies. They are seen as the warmer and more caring family member because mommy’s have to lay down the law. My grand baby will not have rules at my house!! I think I am kidding when I say that (insert sneaky laugh).

Grandmas Connect the Entire Family

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Grandmas oversee the entire family and keep everyone connected. They call and check on all of the different families and is the organizer of the whole family unit. I have seen my grandma be this person in my earlier years. Although she just celebrated her 99th birthday, she still controls the movement of the family. Those that respect her position, anyway.

I love that even at my grandma’s current age, she does not hesitate to impart wisdom to those who stop to listen. Most people get wrapped up in the issues of their lives. Grandmas can offer some perspective because they stand back and sees the whole picture. There is so much value given from a grandma. Just the thought that some day, history will be in my words when I speak is amazing. I better start gaining some more wisdom huh?!

Grandmas never stop being moms…EVER!! Even when the grandbabies become adults, they still remain mothers to their children. It is a role that you just can’t let go of. I have two adult sons, someday three, and it won’t matter how old they get or how many babies they have, I am mom. I am available, always. There is nothing that they can do to have me love them any less. I am not sure that I can love them any more sometimes then BOOM, they do something to make me fall in love with them all over again. Yes, I crush on all of my boys.

Once a parent, Always a Parent

When my children become parents and have problems, or need support and guidance, maybe even just someone to talk to, enter this grandma right here!!! I can provide motherly advice but not be one of those annoying grandparents that think their way is the only way. Oh, I am not judging…I guess. I know they are full grown adults but I want the very best for them. It is not always what I say, but I am sure that my answers can lead them to their own answers. That is always how I have parented my boys and I will do the same and more for this little gift on the way.

So welcome me into the grandparent club in July officially! And oh yes, this little bundle of joy is a GIRL!!!!

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