Good Riddance to 2020!

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OMG y’all! We are about to finish out this year and I have to say that I am not mad about it. This year a given us a little bit of everything. I do not know anyone that is not ready for it to be done with.

I have to admit that I had a lot of beautiful things happen in the midst of this chaos. A few things are that my son is now married and we started a podcast together! For Christmas, we also found out that we have a baby arrival in 2021! A lot of tears were shed for the good and bad and now honestly, I am all tapped out! During the lockdown, I met a lot of good people and got a little closer to some that I already knew. It hasn’t been the best year but it was not a total wash for me.

The Good and the Bad

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I am not going to go too far into the bad because who wants to give anymore energy to that but, I will sat this….COVID and Election! There was so much fear and frenzy that has and is occurring with these two and I just want to see Peace happen in both. It is so necessary for us as a nation to pull together and attempt to make America beautiful. You know, like all of the songs say! That is what we should be doing, by any means necessary. But anywho…. that is definitely part of my prayer for the new year.

I honestly think that all of this can change when we work to take the focus off of what we want as an individual and do what we need to do to show love to our fellow man. When you are at peace, nothing can really make you think negatively of other people or situations. Imagine if the people around you have have that same Peace. What could we do together?! We have to stop being selfish and realize we are all connected, whether we want to be or not. You are your brother’s keeper and that’s that.

How Do I End My Year

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I am not a person that is good with making resolutions. It is just not in me and when I did them, I could not make it past the first quarter of the year. I am all about spending this time to reflect on my year and look forward to setting goals for the upcoming year.

I have this great planner that helps me keep track through the year. It helps you set goals and hit them, track your progress and see why you have not hit some goals. I like to ask myself questions and answer them honestly. Questions like….

  1. What did I accomplish? It is good to ask yourself what worked and what was the secret to these accomplishments.
  2. What were my biggest disappointments? I ask myself what didn’t work and what do I think would have worked in this situations.
  3. What did I learn? Have I learned anything yet?

Being Kind

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One thing that I am learning is that in all situations, I have to stop being so hard on myself. I have learned many lessons in my experiences. And honestly, there are potential lessons in every experience. I have not always been kind to myself when I make choices that give me a different outcome than I wanted. This year I have been working on speaking differently to myself in those times and encouraging myself to keep moving forward. I will be counting that habit into the coming year.

Reflecting on our year gives us the opportunity to learn, to change, to take on the challenges and make moves where we know that we need and want to. There are so many things that we have been telling ourselves that we need to do but we haven’t done them yet…why not? Does anyone else get a little annoyed when you hear your friends or family give you advice that you have been telling yourself for years but have yet to heed? Yeah, hands raise on that one!

Looking Forward

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So here we are on the cusp of a new year. A year that I pray will bring us more love and good health. I am hoping for some surprise that brings unprecedented joy and tenderness to the jaded. One that will bring hope to those of us that may have lost hope in such a dreary climate. We need hope and a whole lot of prayer right now!

This upcoming year, I am looking forward to ceasing limiting beliefs. That is big for me. I have to be transparent here and say that I do not talk sweet enough to myself a lot of times and it is not helping me at all. I am great at cheering on and encouraging others but when it comes to me, I lack there big time. So it is time to think about the things that are really important to me. I have to loosen up my grip on the past and how I think of myself and what is possible. I want to manifest things in my life and that means my thinking and Faith need some major surgery.

Setting Goals

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We have to know our personal values. What really gets you out of bed in the morning? Knowing your “WHY” is important when it comes to reaching goals and going beyond just existing. You don’t want to feel like you do things because you have no choice. Like you are just a victim of circumstance and you have to do things because you have to survive. We all have times when we weren’t truly being ourselves and have done things that we feel were mistakes. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Learn from those experiences and move on. Guess what? That is life and we can’t avoid lessons and really and truly, do we want to?

For me, I want to set some pretty powerful goals. Some will take longer than others so I am going to have to be patient and kind toward myself as I travel this road. The guidelines I use for setting my goals are being specific, measurable, time-framed, and appropriate. I want to make sure that my goals all begin with a verb! I need to check on my list and review my goals often. You know, be accountable.

I want to make sure I set realistic goals and be sure that I will not have to sacrifice my values to reach them. We have to be sure that we are aware of the external possibilities and needs so that we can achieve what we long for. Support is also huge! Having a friend or family member, maybe even a coach to hold you to the goals you set will help you achieve them.

Wishing You Success!

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We play all kinds of roles in our lives—mother/father, employees, entrepreneur, son/daughter, boss, and more. In order for us to feel like we are successful, we are going to have to be good at our roles. We need to work on having a balance between our roles. We may not be good at each and everything and we will probably miss the mark completely at times, but its worth working for achieving that balance.

There are a few things that really matter, to me anyway. Having a great partner, being a great partner, looking after my family and being who I say I am to them, being a great friend, having a great relationship with myself (which is on top of my list), being a great colleague, and being responsible, sensitive and kind to all, even those I do not know. I am a simple girl and yet so complicated but I am worth knowing and I can only get better!

I am going to wrap this up by wishing you and your family nothing but the best! The best in health, wealth, and all things that feed the good in you. May you see riches in whatever way you wish. I would love to see the riches paid to you in LOVE more than anything. Then sure, throw in a winning lottery ticket!

Love and light to you and yours,


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