Filters Necessary!

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We cannot always control the things that happen outside of us. There are so many variables that are at play. So trying to control our health, wealth, successes or relationships will literally make us crazy at times. Every single thing can be done “right” and we still not get the outcomes we desire. We can be super kind to everyone we encounter and still be mistreated. Give and give until we run dry and never receive anything in return.

Yes, there are very few things that we can really control. One of those things is how we see life and the things that we experience. We have the ability to assign intent to everything that happens to us and the people that are in our lives.

When we wake, the gift of another day brings 24 hours of new choices to make.

We Have A Choice

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The option is there to focus on the uncertainties in life, obsess over things that we don’t understand, the stories that never really ended in our lives, or the dark and negative things. We can also do the total opposite and look at what we learned, the fact that we survived it, forgiving them and ourselves, and all of the positive things. They are there. We just have to look for them. Be grateful for what we have right now, decide to move forward knowing that we may never know “why”. Look for the beauty in all things even when it is hard and be kind to yourself.

We can choose to be overwhelmed by the things we still need to do or just decide to knock them down one by one, pass or fail.

You can choose to have faith that the love and compassion in your heart will overcome everything instead of leading with overthinking, negative reminiscing, and bad feelings. It is a much better filter.

Make a choice!

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Live in the sun instead of the shade, assume positive intent, look at the possibilities, see what can be , not what isn’t or never will be. Learn what you need to and move forward with the knowledge. You will be that much closer to success.

You can choose to live a full life and do it in your truth! Have faith that you can have it all too. Based on how you look at your life right now, envision what you want, write it down, make a vision board…move on it, you can have what you long for!

If you truly want a legendary life, you have to put a filter on what will not help you get there. That filter can be called many different things. It can be optimism, positivity, movement, forgiveness, motivation, being kind to yourself…Faith!

Have Faith

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We need to have faith in ourselves. There is nothing that you cannot overcome or navigate through. I have had so much trouble with this but I try to work it minute by minute. For some reason, I am still in the process of having faith in me and the decisions I make for myself. I have plenty of faith in others. But for me?! Oh no…ye of so little faith…

But we have got this! Every curve ball..we got it! We can handle all of the rejections, the BS, the lessons and the frustrations… we got this boo!

I have peace of mind now and make every decision with my filter in mind. I am not going to live my life stressed. We know what stress does. I want every day the Lord has for me! Will not shorten my days giving them away to things and people that do not serve me well.

Good Intentions — The Grove Church

What I am working on is assuming good intent, about everything and everybody. When one door closes, another will open. If I get rejected, there is an opportunity waiting for me elsewhere. If someone has spoken harshly to or about me, there is someone waiting somewhere to give me kind and loving words. Today, there is nothing but gloom and rain, but tomorrow there will be sun.

We are capable of handling everything that comes our way. Those closed doors, rejections, and harsh words…we can handle those experiences because those events are not a reflection of who we are. They are reflections of someone else’s inability to see our worth. It is possible that they are not ready for you.

You’ve got this. We got this! Have faith in yourself. Have faith in your ability to rock this life!

Choose to believe that you can do what you desire. See it, then do it.

The Power To Choose — Brownsville Community Fellowship Church

I have the power to choose and so do you. How do you wanna see your life? We don’t have to know the what’s, how’s, or when’s to life. What we can do is make sure that the lens that we see them through has faith attached to it so that we know that there is nothing that we will not overcome.

So let’s go get ready to live a full and exciting life that we can be proud of and leave a legacy of greatness in our wake.

It’s all good!

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